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Ticket for Reading available
at 10:38 31 Dec 2018

Short notice I know but I have a ticket going spare for reading if any one is looking for one.
Swansea 2018/19 Points Progress
at 18:31 25 Sep 2018

So based on Glyn1's "52 / 80 points relegation / promotion" thread [1] I put together some graphs. It wont fill the hole left by the Dav's stats shaped hole on here, but it's something.

This first plot shows the Swans cumulative points against games this season (black line w/ circles). The points per game projection based on the mean points totals for the champions (green), runner-up (blue), last play-off side (red) and last relegated side (magenta) are also given (solid lines). In addition to this the darker shaded areas of the corresponding colours indicated the average deviance from this mean for all champions, runners-up etc. across all Championship / Division 1 seasons going back to 1992/93 (where the current format was adopted). The lighter shaded area is defined by the maximum and minimum points totals for the champions, runners-up etc. going back to 1992/93. Finally the dashed black line is the points per game (p.p.g.) so far projected to the end of the season and the dot-dashed line is the p.p.g. projection based on the last 5 games.

The second image is much simpler, it's just the cumulative points total against games for the season so far (solid black line w/ circles) and the p.p.g. projection based on the whole season (dashed black line) and the last five games (dot-dashed line), along with the cumulative points total against games for past Swansea championship seasons (2008/09 - blue line, 2009/10 - red line, 2011/12 - green line).

The first graph should give us some idea of how we're doing with respect to past promoted / relegated / playoff sides, and the second should give us some idea how we're doing compared to past Swansea championship seasons (you get plots like this in football manager and I always liked them as it quickly tells the story of a season).

So after 9 games (still a bit early to tell how the season will go) the current p.p.g. ratio is not likely to get us a play-off place and would see us have a lower points total than any of our previous championship seasons. That said we've only played a small number of games and we've had a tough run recently.

I'll update these graphs as the games pass and when I get a minute.

[1] -
[2] -
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Wales v China - China Cup
at 11:26 22 Mar 2018

Gunter, Chester, Williams, Davies
Allen, King, Bale
Wilson, Vokes, John

Very strong side. Giggs first game, say what you want about him but now the game is here I'm interested to see how he gets on. Live on BBC one.
Welsh clubs in Europe
at 23:21 29 Jun 2017

Interesting night of Europa league football for the Welsh sides in the competition.

Bangor lost 1-0 away to Lyngby (Den), decent result that, very much game on in the home leg.

Bala lost 2-1 at home to Vaduz (SWI), will be tough for them to get back into that tie I think.

Last night TNS lost to Europa (GIB), really disappointing result for them that one. Don't see a way back into it for them in Gibraltar. Quigley did score one hell of a goal mind

Biggest result has to be Connah's Quay beating Helsinki 1-0 at home. A lot to do to hold on to the advantage in the away leg but a truly magnificent result for them.
Will we score another goal this season?
at 17:00 15 Apr 2017

Don't think so myself.
Jean-Luc Mélenchon
at 16:16 14 Apr 2017

Just seen a video of this guy on Facebook now. Far left French Presidential candidate. Puts Corbyn in perspective.

Confiscating wages above 400,000 Euro is an interesting one, PSG would be having a fire sale.
Downloading matches
at 15:54 6 Nov 2016

Anyone know where I can do this, used to be able to on wiziwig. On the train so missing the game (I'm following the game on BBC and the matchday thread but the masochist in me wants to watch it)?
Life in albums
at 15:26 5 Sep 2016

Seen a few music threads on here so thought I'd go for it. Been listening to loads of music the last few months kicked off by being asked what my top 20 albums of all time are. I thought a more interesting list of albums is albums that define a point in time of your life. Top 20 can be impersonal as I think people tend to pick albums to make themselves look cool. Anyway, warts and all mine would be something like:

Lou Reed - Transformer
Ian Dury - Do it Yourself (deluxe edition)

First 2 are from the car with my old man, if I was including compilations it would probably be different.

Blink 182 - Take of Your Pants and Jacket
Papa Roach - Infest
Linkin Park - Hybrid Theory

Standard albums from my early teenage years a cringy time looking back but very nostalgic listening to them now.

Muse - Origin of Symetry

Really important album, around the time I started playing guitar, if you were in a band you wanted to play songs from this album.

Led Zepplin - IV
Lynyrd Skynyrd - Pronounced 'Lĕh-'nérd 'Skin-'nérd

The 2 most important albums from the 2 most important artists from my delving into classic rock, influenced by the guitar.

The Darkness - Permission to Land
The Datsuns - The Datsuns
Wolfmother - Wolfmother
Jet - Get Born

Current (at the time) albums that got a lot of play time. These 4 and the 2 above I would play along on the guitar start to finish at least once a week back in the day. The Darkness one is embarrassing looking back but fun to play on the guitar and a funny album.

Death From Above 1979 - You're a Woman I'm a Machine

Beast of an album, pretty much the reason I re-stringed my brothers old bass right handed.

Arctitc Monkeys - Whatever People Say I am Thats What I'm not

Perfect album at the perfect time for me, completely related to the songs like nothing I'd listened to before, think I'm pretty much the same age as Alex Turner.

Louis XIV - The Best Little Secrets are Kept (UK version)

No idea how this band weren't better known, this is easily one of my favorite albums ever, and it felt like my own personal album as I never met anyone else who knew it unless I showed it to them.

Audio Bullies - Ego War

Awesome album, really takes me back to a specific period, different to everything so far, it was a time when I was discovering electronic music. A mate from that time would listen to these guys almost exclusively for a time. Defo a big album from back in the day.

Justice - Cross
Digitalism - Idealism

In the same vein as above but by 2007 I was in full electronic music mode and the guitar was gathering dust. Cross was for me was what I assume Daft Punk - Discovery was for the generation before. That and idealism were the albums on in the car on the way to parties.

Miami Horror - Illumination
Cut Copy - In Ghost Colours

Blank space for albums for uni as I was pretty much just listening to singles/eps I would find on blogs. The two above are albums from that time that were usually on in the car on the drive back from Swansea to Pembs.

That's it, in a more or less chronological order. Disclaimer: that's defo not my list of 20 best albums or anything, probably only Lou Reed, Muse, Led Zepplin, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Wolfmother, Arctitc Monkeys, Justice would be in that conversation.

Be interested to see others lists. On a real hunt for music at the moment.
When do Burnely tickets go on general sale?
at 12:07 26 Jul 2016

Sorry if this should be on the tickets forum. Is there a general rule for how long tickets are offered to ST JA then GS? Thanks in advance.
Welsh Sides in Europe
at 13:49 8 Jul 2016

Got the bug after the Euro's, actually watched TNS's first qualifying round second leg game against Tre Penne of San Marino, gave them a bit of a pasting, as you would hope the would, 3-0 on the night, 5-1 on aggregate. They play APOEL Nicosia, in the second round, a week Tuesday, some football to watch between the Euros and the Premier League season.

In the Europa league Bala lost 4-0 on aggregate to AIK Stockholm, Llandudno lost 7-1 on aggregate to IFK Goteborg in the debut Europa league "campaign", and Connah's Quay managed a 1-0 aggregate win over Stabeak of Norway. They will face Serbian side FK Vojvodina in the second round on Thursday.

I'm actually looking forward to seeing the TNS game, they seem to have been walking all over the Welsh league since they've gone pro and will be interesting to see them against some (no disrespect) better competition in APOEL who have qualified for the champions league group stages a few times and got to the quarter finals a few years ago.
Top Questions on the EU TODAY
at 21:53 24 Jun 2016

at 21:39 18 Jun 2016

Bring on Eder with 10 minutes to go to try and get the goal to win it. Anyone else pissing themselves?
De Gea
at 15:26 10 Jun 2016

Looks like he's in trouble. Out of the Euros maybe.
Euro 2016 Fantasy Football
at 10:48 8 Jun 2016

Is there a planetswans league? Will there be one?
England squad - your first 11?
at 18:09 16 May 2016

By no means an England fan but their squad is out today and as they have a bit more depth to the squad than Wales, and we all know the players thought it would be interesting to see what first 11 people would pick. (Wales first 11 pretty much picks itself imo).


Goalkeepers: Joe Hart (Manchester City), Fraser Forster (Southampton), Tom Heaton (Burnley).

Defenders: Gary Cahill (Chelsea), Chris Smalling (Manchester United), John Stones (Everton), Kyle Walker (Tottenham Hotspur), Ryan Bertrand (Southampton), Danny Rose (Tottenham Hotspur), Nathaniel Clyne (Liverpool).

Midfielders: Dele Alli (Tottenham Hotspur), Ross Barkley (Everton), Fabian Delph (Manchester City), Eric Dier (Tottenham Hotspur), Danny Drinkwater (Leicester City), Jordan Henderson (Liverpool), Adam Lallana (Liverpool), James Milner (Liverpool), Raheem Sterling (Manchester City), Andros Townsend (Newcastle United), Jack Wilshere (Arsenal).

Strikers: Wayne Rooney (Manchester United), Harry Kane (Tottenham Hotspur), Jamie Vardy (Leicester City), Daniel Sturridge (Liverpool), Marcus Rashford (Manchester United).

I'm going for a 433, never watch England so no idea if this team would work:

City centre overnight parking
at 12:13 30 Jan 2016

After a bit of info. Me and the missus will be staying in Swansea over night in a hotel in the city centre. Wheres the cheapest place to park the car over night? If we were yo leave it in the big tescos car park what's the chances of getting clamped?
What's the story with Monk?
at 19:20 7 Dec 2015

We had a bit of rain up in Lancashire so not had power. I've run away to Wales now so what's the lowdown with Monk? Who's linked with the job?
Russian warplanne shot down by Turkey (who are in NATO)
at 10:17 24 Nov 2015

This will get the geopolitical juices flowing. Sure I read an article posted on here that this is the theorised catalist for world war 3.
Super Furry Animals in the Liberty
at 12:29 16 Nov 2015

Anyone else got a ticket?
Ivor Allchurch's birthday
at 17:52 16 Oct 2015

Just seen on facebook, would have been 86. Loooong before my time but thought it might interest some.
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