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at 10:04 18 Mar 2019

Is Birch coming to Swansea or has he pulled out

What I have never understood with this maybe appointment

Is why someone that’s a big mate if Martin Morgan be appointed as the man to run Swansea City

We all know that Jenkins was the mouthpiece for Morgan before he was sacked/resigned (whatever you want to believe). So is this maybe appointment be another case of him being a mouthpiece again

Makes you wonder if Morgan has got his eye on buying back Swansea City and then for all of the supporters to think that he would not sell Swansea City again. But then to find out that’s not the case. With his only intention is to make a bigger profit
70% Possesion and still lose 3-0
at 22:03 13 Mar 2019

Please don’t tell me this the way to play football

As the commentator said “Lovely to watch but no end product”

I will say “It’s worst than watching paint dry”

That was an absolute terrible performance other than for say 20 minutes of the game

Wouldn’t be surprised if Potter threw is hat in or sacked even

If I was taking a vacancy worksise, and I found out it was totally different in what I had been told the work was to be. My notice would have been submitted soon after
Could Swansea fans learn from what has happened in Blackpool
at 13:16 9 Mar 2019

Today is a momentous day for thousands of Blackpool fans

In that they will be returning today to see their first game in four years

What I will say to them, is well done. In that they had the stomach to stand up to an owner they didn’t want running and ruining their club

Real reason for Dan James not signing for Leeds
at 00:41 3 Mar 2019

Nothing at all with Jenkins in stopping James signing for Leeds. Only in that he was told in no uncertain terms that if James was sold to Leeds, Potter was going to walk away

This is making sence in what I have been already told by someone that is related to Dan James

What I don’t understand is that the same person has said that Swansea was not interested in negotiating a new contract with Jsmes before the Leeds episode

Might be different now, but who knows
Is Jenkins “resignation” part of a plan
at 13:54 4 Feb 2019

Reading a posting on another site. Makes me wonder if the poster there has hit on something

Now that I’m beginning to believe there is a black hole in the accounts of Swansea City AFC and the possibility that things will go pear shape for the Swans.

Could it be that Jenkins has gone now, when he should have done the right thing and gone many times before. Only for him to ride back as a knight in shining armour to rescue a club that he and the other conniving directors had brought to its knees

Especially with the rumours flying around that I have heard over the last 6-9 months, makes me believe that the poster that wrote this on SCFC2 may have made a very good poin
Transfer - undisclosed
at 12:29 16 Jul 2018

I see that Bartley’s transfer to West Brom is down as undisclosed

I expect all other transfers will land up the same

I don’t suppose it has anything to do in that Swansea are losing £millions on what they paid for the player

Mesa already £4million down already

With what we paid for Bartley together with what Swansea were paying him in wages, pro-rats to games played. I would think that is another player down as losses
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