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NYE Celebrations
at 15:08 1 Jan 2020

More reporting from the DM purporting to show the NYE celebrations in c=various cities but really saying ‘look at the state on these!!’
Andy Murray
at 17:49 20 Oct 2019

Wins the tournament he’s in beating Stan the Man in 3 sets. No mean feat!

Hope he continues to improve.
Disallowed Goal v Charlton
at 16:09 3 Oct 2019

Haven’t seen it mentioned on here though I may have missed it.

Watching the game last night they said it was off-side. Having now seen the extended highlights the Swans TV comms said it was ball went out.

Anyone at the game get a proper view of this?
at 14:19 11 Aug 2019

Wales being torn apart in this so far.

They don’t look up for the physicality of the game and decision making has been awful.

Not taking it seriously or really not that good?
The Leeds United Show
at 16:28 4 Aug 2019

On Sky Football now.

Why Sky don’t give them a dedicated channel - Sky Leeds - I don’t know.
Hunt v Johnson ITV Debate
at 20:06 9 Jul 2019

I didn’t realise Hunt had been an entrepreneur. He should have said😄
War Memorial Vandalised
at 17:40 25 Jun 2019

It’s sad but I reckon there are a few in here who’d support this vandalism.
Carrefour Faux Pas
at 14:28 15 Jun 2019

Is there more to this or do we take it in face value. It is in the Express after all.

No deal for me after that🤣
Deleted Thread?
at 11:12 6 Jun 2019

Do I need to visit Specsavers or has the thread on the big house on the Mumbles Rd. gone walkies?

If it has, why?
One For Darran
at 15:14 5 Jun 2019

These Scousers will stop at nothing, fair play😄
Trump’s State Visit
at 20:06 3 Jun 2019

Has Corbyn shot himself in the foot once and for all this time.

I’m no Trump fan but for an aspiring Head of State, Corbyn doesn’t play the game very well.
Scottish Independence and Brexit
at 16:40 23 Mar 2019

I am totally opposed to the break up of the Union as I’ve made clear on the odd occasion. I do have worries though as to what the best ‘strategy’ would be to minimise an indyref2 success in Scotland.

If we are to remain in the EU which is my preferred option, it is likely to be achieved by a second referendum. This will surely set a precedent to the SNP that what’s good for the goose...

If we leave, I’ve heard that an indyref2 would be top of the SNP’s agenda with a possible good chance of success.

This leaves me to believe that the only option to deter the SNP would be a revocation of A50.

Of course, they could hold a referendum whatever the outcome of Brexit and we could discuss and surely disagree amongst ourselves as to the likely outcome. I think it would be too close to call but leaving the EU would be the worst possible scenario.

Scotland could then, depending on their referendum result, apply to join the EU. I heard a SNP member in the week disputing the fact that they would have to join the Euro due to the fact(?) that they would have to join the ERM (???) first before the Euro. Apparently this is not mandatory. This may of course be standard SNP bluff.

Anyone got any views?
Millwall v BHA
at 15:26 17 Mar 2019

Some head scratching reffing going on in this game. However, in favour of The Championship side this time😡
Scotland v Wales
at 12:26 9 Mar 2019

Ok, no football to concern ourselves with this afternoon so full concentration on the rugby for me.

Under ‘normal’ circumstances I’d say Wales by 10 but I can’t help thinking that this WRU / Regions debacle is going to play a part.

Scotland at home can be a different proposition as we know so taking nothing for granted here.

Lucky or unlucky 13th!?
Knife Crime
at 17:41 7 Mar 2019

Yet another victim this afternoon. Totally out of hand.

There’s a theory that exclusions from school are responsible for this! When the culprits are caught and it is found to be that they are pupils who have been excluded then make the point, not before. It may well be the case but let’s have proof. And if it is the case, how are schools and the teachers supposed to deal with these feral youths?

Also, would more police on the streets be a suitable deterrent. We need more for sure but would it decrease or eradicate this problem?
Sporting Lookalikes
at 16:15 24 Feb 2019

(And some non-sporting ones)

Noticed a few lookalikes over the years. Anymore?

Paul James (ex Ospreys) and Phil Dowd (PL ref)

Mike Dean (PL ref) and Mr Burns (The Simpson’s)

Puyol and David Luiz

Nico Rosberg and Leonardo Di Caprio

Jo Coburn (Daily Politics host) and Lois Griffin (Family Guy)

Peter O‘Mahony (Ireland rugby) and Rhod Gilbert

Gareth Anscombe and Kryten (Red Dwarf)

Can’t do photos unfortunately.
Wales v England Rugger
at 20:33 17 Feb 2019

Well chaps, does anyone give Wales a chance next week against the men in white?

Personally, I see a comfortable win for England. I watched the raise of hands on Scrum V tonight and couldn’t believe how many thought Wales would win.

So, head not heart, Wales or England.

Non rugger fans need not contribute 👍

Quiz On BBC Sport Website
at 15:30 17 Feb 2019

It asks what teams certain celebrities follow. Oprah Winfrey is on there!

However, Michael Sheen is on there and he supports Newport. Any idea why when he’s a PT lad?
Selling A Car Online
at 14:34 29 Jan 2019

Anyone on here have any advice on how to sell a car online. What is the best site?

Or are there better ways?

Thanks in advance.
Jeremy Vine
at 19:57 29 Dec 2018

What the hell, I'll post it. Make a change from Brexit and give Trampie and Killy something to moan about🤣
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