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Parking Langdon Road SA1
at 22:33 13 Sep 2019

Beware of fines/ charges in this car park. There are three parking places on right hand side as you drive in close to entrance. Nothing clear they are no parking areas. On closer examination there are small no parking signs on the bollards along the pavement, and a small sticker at the bottom half of an old ticket booth. Not visible if you drive into or reverse the spot as it is at bumper level. The spaces appear to be the same as the others in the car park ( though others are hashed out to prevent parking). Wife parked there as it was closest to restaurant for her elderly father to walk. When I was there to take photos another poor sap had reversed into the same spot and had a ticket.
Historical kits
at 20:42 5 Dec 2018

After the early nineties brainstorm we got it back together.
Over 55's and 65's Vets World Cup
at 15:02 11 May 2017

Hosted by Swansea University Veterans, this tournament takes place Friday, Saturday and Sunday, this week. There are seminars as well as football taking place. games will be on the pitch at Sketty Lane. Please come along and support, and maybe get inspired to play again if you have hung up your boots. Schedule below.

Jack Mag
at 10:58 28 Oct 2016

Is this still available on line?
Ashamed 2
at 21:08 27 Aug 2016

Just been in the Hungry Horse having food with the family.
The bar erupted with cheers when Man Utd scored.

Salesforce CRM
at 14:48 10 May 2016

Anyone on here used this? I need a new CRM but I am crap at setting them up to meet my needs. Anyone use it or know of someone who can set these things up?
Brexiters, why?
at 12:51 22 Apr 2016

When are the Brexiters going to be honest about the reason they want out?
By any objective view business says stay in. Support from the IMF, CBI big businesses like BT vodaphone, Marks and Spencers, BAE, Easy Jet etc etc. World leader say stay in to protect our position as a world power, to hold the EU together, prevent conflict etc. Unions cite worker’s protection as a reason to stay in. All the main parties support in, the Treasury says in. There are warnings from EU leaders that if we are not part of the club we will have serious problems.
I have not heard a single cogent reason, financially, to get out. Kate Hoey one of the Brexit leaders embarrassingly couldn’t site a single report saying why we would be better off. A few politicians led by Boris and Farage are for out. That’s it. There is no clear explanation of what happens next from them, they just don’t seem to know.
Everything seems to point to the view that “remain” is right.
So be honest, Brexiters, is it immigration?
Wales Veterans Football
at 11:59 7 Dec 2014

Wales Veterans played England yesterday in Leicester. The over 50's won 3-1 and the over 55's won 1-0. Great standard of football and tremendous level of fitness. The over 60's play next Sunday in Mathern near Chepstow.

Given the concern about fitness levels and obesity in the general populace and the pressure on the NHS its about time all sport was promoted for the older age groups. People don't have to stop exercising and taking part in sport when they get in to their 40's.
Amateur fishing tv programe
at 11:36 5 Dec 2014

Aren't there some top amateur fishermen on this site? A chance of fishy stardom.
Swansea Sandfields Pub Crawl
at 11:55 3 Dec 2014

Planning a Christmas pub crawl. Fed up with Wind Street so thought a trawl of the pubs in the Sandfields would make a pleasant change. Starting point Potters Wheel for some cheap real ale, ending at Westbourne for expensive real ale and onwards to a curry.

I need ideas for the middle bit with a route that will get us from A to B. Ta.
Anyone remember Robin Friday?
at 23:00 9 Oct 2014

Was talking to a friend who said he was reading a book called the "The Greatest Footballer you Never saw". Thought I'd look him up.Any one remember him playing for C.Diff.? Sounds like a bit of a character.

"(Friday)returned to the team for the away match at Brighton & Hove Albion on 29 October 1977, with Cardiff once again in the relegation zone, in 20th place on goal difference.[102]

Friday was marked during the game by Mark Lawrenson, who so frustrated the Cardiff forward with his close attention that Friday waited for Lawrenson to attempt a slide tackle and then kicked him in the face.[11] After receiving a red card, Friday left the ground with the game still going on; according to legend, before leaving he broke into the Brighton dressing room and defecated in Lawrenson's kit bag" A man of excellent judgement,
Another dog poisoning warning
at 22:07 26 Sep 2014

Just had a message from Killay pet shop that a dog has eaten poison that had been put down in food at Dunvant Park. They are suggesting you avoid the park for the moment or keep your dog on a lead if you do go there. The dog has liver and kidney damage. Sounds similar the previous attacks in Cwmdonkin.
Religiously motivated hate crime in Llanelli
at 00:25 19 Jul 2014

A middle aged female workmate of my wife was in Asda Llanelli on Tuesday. She does her weekly shop there and has done so for many years.

She was approached by two men in their late teens or early twenties. They asked her did she believe in Christ. She replied she did not have strong religious beliefs. They asked her did she believe in Allah. She said again she didn't know much about him and was not religious. The men then told her that she had insulted their religion and their god and they were going to come to come to her home and kill her and bomb her house. She ran into the next aisle and asked for help from a staff member. Security was called and the police were phoned. As the men were leaving the police arrived and the men were grabbed and they were carted off into a van. The police took a statement and told her this had happened a number of times. My wife's friend is terrified that the men saw her get into her car and will now be able to identify her.

Will the men be prosecuted under the hate crime laws or let off with a warning? I've not seen anything in the local press.
Cold Play- new album review
at 18:59 20 May 2014

I don't think he likes them.
Poker at the Cricketers
at 15:46 4 Mar 2014

Just noticed a sign out side the Cricketers advertising poker night. Anyone know which night, what time, buy in and if many go?

The NHS in Wales
at 22:21 22 Jan 2014

My wife was taken ill on our flight home yesterday. We went to the GP and she was told she had to be admitted immediately for treatment for the severe pain she was in.

I have always been a believer in the NHS and think its a wonderful part of what we are in the UK. This belief has been shaken to the core at the events at Morriston over the last 24 hours.

She was left in an ambulance without pain relief for 2 hours ( other patients were being treated at A&E then put back into the ambulance they came in)!

She was given a cannula in her arm by a trainee paramedic , he got it so wrong her clothing and the ambulance was covered in blood

She was left in A&E for 5 hours with only gas and air for the pain.

She was then taken to a ward which had recently had norvo virus. One of the symptoms my wife was suffering was severe vomiting making her dehydrated. genius! Then she was told she could not have visitors because of the virus. She was then left on a trolley all night as there was no bed available.

at 4.30am all the lights were put on and all the patients woken so that meds could be given .

After a long phone call this morning I got her moved from the "virus" ward.

Two staff members said that the hospital was at "crisis point" and "past crisis point". The staff on the whole were fine ( two sisters there were excellent) but some were uncaring or just plain amateur,

Yet the Health Minister tells us all in well in the NHS.


Swans Lotto
at 16:57 16 Sep 2013

Decided to have a go on this last week as there was a big jackpot over 20m. This week the jackpot was 4m. There was no fanfare and no big news about the winner.

I emailed them and asked what had happened to the cash and got the following reply:

"SwansLotto is a MyLotto24 game based on the German 'Lotto 6aus49', which is a lottery managed and operated by the members of the DLTB (the German state lottery).

The German 'Lotto 6aus49' involves a random draw of six numbers ('Numbers'), plus one 'Legend' Number, selected from the numbers 0 to 9 ('Legend': the Legend Number is known as the 'Superzahl' in the German 'Lotto 6aus49'). Draws happen every Wednesday and Saturday evening.

Section 5 of our Terms and Conditions explains in detail how jackpot winnings are paid to our customers.

The aggregate of the Prizes payable by MyLotto24 for Prize Category I on any draw of its LOTTO 6/49-game shall never exceed an amount equal to the DLTB Jackpot for the relevant draw of the German 'Lotto 6aus49'.

With this being the case the SwansLotto Jackpot, as displayed on our website, will therefore be equal to the DLTB jackpot displayed on the German website hence the constant change. So the winner did not necessarily have to be within the Lottonetwork Clubs".

I also noticed the odds of winning the big one is 130 million to 1, 13 times that of the national lottery!

I'm out.

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