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Not a scintillating performance but...
at 17:06 12 Jan 2020

proud to be a supporter today

Thought every player worked hard, showed good ability and we looked superior to them in every department although they only looked dangerous when launching long balls into a crowded penalty box

Well done Cooper and all. Keep up the good work. Good team selection.

Special mentions to Cabango and Willmot both 19? Incredible .

With Celina back to looking the part with good support from Grimes and Byers.

Only one team on that pitch trying to play football that’s for sure...

One disappointment was set piece delivery. Predictable delivery into an outnumbered penalty area wasn’t going to pay dividends. The short corner routine needed to be used ..

Ten Changes To FA Cup Team
at 12:12 6 Jan 2020

An insult to the supporters especially those who travelled to QPR and the FACup

A mistake from the manager no doubt as the spine of the team wasn’t good enough. A disgraceful decision if must be said and underlined the fact that many of our players simply aren’t good enough and / our have the right attitude to succeed

Onto the League: Cooper is however doing an excellent job. The squad certainly doesn’t look good enough to challenge for promotion. New players desperately needed....
Jack Swan Free Magazine Issue 87
at 20:35 23 Dec 2019

Well worth a read. 👍

Lots of very interesting comments:

" Let's be frank about it, the club changed from a working class fan base who were half cut by half time to the 'who's who' of Swansea with a glass of prosecco at half time. "

" The East Stand on a good day were the exception to the rule but every year a little bit of it died. "

We can all relate to this. We all know people who had little or absolutely no interest in Swansea City until the move to the Liberty. Then it became the place to be. To meet new potential customers, new clients, to wear your new suit, your new jacket or dress, to buy nice wine. The elongated half time that stretched way into the second half as other things meant more than the football....

Ski -ing equipment trousers jackets etc
at 20:47 24 Nov 2019

To hire the stuff

Anywhere locally ?
Just had a quick glance at stuff on here
at 10:43 24 Nov 2019

And what a complete load of old Bollox it is

For example: Cooper Out. Grimes stealing a living. Take the Captaincy off him. Inept manager. No width. No pace.

The reality is that there are much wider issues. For four or more years now our Club has been a pale shadow of what it previously was. The recent appointments of Birch and especially Britton have been clever shrewd appointments from the owners to get the fans back on side but the Club is in the wrong hands: that much is clear.

To have gone through a shredding of the first team squad over the past 18 months and to be (at present) in the top half of the league is nothing short of incredible. The manager is a novice in Senior football who has done a superb job on a shoestring. The players too have excelled although yesterday was way below expected levels and home form is a concern.

New players are needed as it’s obvious that the squad needs to be improved. You can only see that happening if players leave first and that’s sad. But also it’s reality. It’s also further evidence that the owners aren’t going to invest in the playing squad. It’s further significant evidence that the previous owners screwed up big time with their devious selfish actions. And they must pay for that...

You can’t make a silk purse out of a pigs ear chaps. But the current management and players are having a good go and deserve praise in the circumstances.
Negative Klopp
at 13:00 11 Nov 2019

Bringing off a striker to see out a game. Disgraceful. Why so defensive?
Arguably the best start to a season
at 09:04 3 Oct 2019

in the history of the Club

Not sure of the precise stats in terms of points per game ratios etc but taking everything into consideration that’s the best ten game bench mark start I can recall

Incredible. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

By the way Van DerHoorn was a colossus last night and with Celina were the stand out players on that pitch. Our goalkeeper is a marked step up from Nordfeldt and Mulder too and that’s already paid dividends.

Any recent announcement from the Trust
at 20:19 1 Oct 2019

regarding the pending legal case ?

Or latest on it ?
Jury Service
at 13:33 16 Sep 2019

What a disgraceful waste of public money

Been sitting here for days. Still here doing nothing.

Must be a better way to utilise the resources.
List the players who have played for Swansea
at 20:23 26 Aug 2019

In all four divisions of the football league

It’s a small special exclusive group and one that won’t be extended imo

I’ll start with:

Robbie James
Best place to get Euros
at 11:04 5 Aug 2019

Been told Ramsdens ... is this right?

Bit early for fish and chips 😂
Wilfred Bony
at 11:54 1 Aug 2019

Rumoured his agent is trying to negotiate a deal so that he's back in a Swans shirt soon?

Any truth in this chaps ?

at 19:49 31 Jul 2019

Don't allow that thick t wat to bully you. He's been bullying me for years.
In what league position will the Swans finish
at 16:24 26 Jul 2019

the 2019/20 season ?

What will be viewed as a successful season ?

I’ll go for 17th. Never in danger of relegation.

Any where outside of the bottom 6/7 clubs will be job done without players like James especially and Fer etc
Jenkins Dineen Morgan
at 17:45 9 Jul 2019

Any involvement at all at SCFC now in terms of ownership, roles etc ?

The Club is falling apart at the seams
at 09:09 20 May 2019

And yet nothing can be done about it

It’s being dismantled and the slide will be impossible to stop without a change of ownership that much is clear

Sad. So sad to see.
Women’s FA Cup Final
at 19:51 4 May 2019

Just watched it

What a load of crap .. awful standard


Views ?
Real Madrid preparing £250M bid
at 17:25 25 Mar 2019

For Mbappe

With £25m basic annual salary

Yet another reason to lose interest in top level football ... what is it all coming to?
So you get your restaurant bill
at 19:17 25 Feb 2019

Which is higher than expected

So you check it

You’ve been charged £11-50 for a glass of wine and on top of everything you note a “service charge “ of 10%

This happened to me last night. Not in the USA but here in South Wales

Daylight robbery and it just seems illegal and immoral... what happens to that money ?

Anyone know ?
Jenkins Gone - Better Atmosphere Around
at 09:23 21 Feb 2019

The Club apparently ? A long way to go but a step in the right direction...

What’s the latest news re Legal proceedings ?
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