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Jenkins Dineen Morgan
at 17:45 9 Jul 2019

Any involvement at all at SCFC now in terms of ownership, roles etc ?

The Club is falling apart at the seams
at 09:09 20 May 2019

And yet nothing can be done about it

It’s being dismantled and the slide will be impossible to stop without a change of ownership that much is clear

Sad. So sad to see.
Women’s FA Cup Final
at 19:51 4 May 2019

Just watched it

What a load of crap .. awful standard


Views ?
Real Madrid preparing £250M bid
at 17:25 25 Mar 2019

For Mbappe

With £25m basic annual salary

Yet another reason to lose interest in top level football ... what is it all coming to?
So you get your restaurant bill
at 19:17 25 Feb 2019

Which is higher than expected

So you check it

You’ve been charged £11-50 for a glass of wine and on top of everything you note a “service charge “ of 10%

This happened to me last night. Not in the USA but here in South Wales

Daylight robbery and it just seems illegal and immoral... what happens to that money ?

Anyone know ?
Jenkins Gone - Better Atmosphere Around
at 09:23 21 Feb 2019

The Club apparently ? A long way to go but a step in the right direction...

What’s the latest news re Legal proceedings ?
With Jenkins gone at last
at 10:26 4 Feb 2019

And good news it is what’s the latest with Dineen and Morgan in terms of their positions at Swansea City

And is Huw “I love Swansea City” Jenkins going to buy himself a season ticket now. If so would you want him to be sitting next to you
Fear for the immediate and long term future
at 19:08 31 Jan 2019

Of Swansea City FC

We have enough points already not to worry about relegation this season. The manager and players have excelled in the circumstances.

But it’s on the edge of a cliff now. It could go one of two ways but with the current ownership only intent it seems on taking out the future looks bleak. Very bleak.

We’ve been saying this for 12 months or more. Some needed convincing. Let’s get Swansea City back into the hands of the supporters ... Can this be achieved ?

And can Jenkins Dineen Morgan et al at least do the honourable thing and get away from the Club as far as possible.
Any signs of the Trust actually
at 09:17 17 Jan 2019

making progress in terms of the legal action

They seem to be quieter than ever if that’s possible
5 Tickets needed for Reading
at 13:30 31 Dec 2018

Ticket office closed
Anyone know if they’re still available
Five Reading tickets needed
at 13:28 31 Dec 2018

Ticket office closed
Are they available anyone know ?
at 16:32 29 Nov 2018

Looks finished and he’ll be gone on January

But Ki Sung Yueng and Fernandez amongst others showed their class this week for Newcastle

The heart ripped out of a Club by its owners ....
And people seem to be enjoying
at 20:12 23 Oct 2018

This league one standard rubbish

at 20:46 17 Oct 2018

Now legal in Canada

Surely time to legalise it in the U.K. ?

With just three wins from nine games
at 17:27 23 Sep 2018

And a pathetic seven goals scored and in 14th position of a decidedly mediocre yet competitive League our fans seem easily pleased.
Its fairly poor standard stuff isn't it.
Where will Swans finish the 2018/19 season?
at 15:26 3 Aug 2018

In what position?

Always hope and optimism at this time of the year. But really? Best players leaving, no sign of adequate replacements, owners with bigger fish to fry elsewhere and without the passion or inclination to turn it around, there seems to be a suggestion that the Swans are on the way down the pan again?

Or not possibly?

My prediction? 16th and relative success as it will hopefully not involve a scrap at the bottom.
With relegation confirmed at the end of another terrible season of 'football'
at 19:41 14 May 2018

and consequently an increasing number of our supporters becoming furious and disillusioned with Jenkins Dineen etc, does anyone else find it strange that the Trust have still not formulated and announced a clear strategy.?

Why not? Are they intent on doing anything of note? Legal action a possibility?

It's quite obvious now that the Club
at 19:09 10 May 2018

Needs a clear out from the top so that it can start the 2018/19 season with the supporters fully behind the Club again
That means Jenkins Dineen Morgan and the others involved in the Club sale leaving the Club completely. Is this possible and how can it be achieved?
A new Club chairman is a priority.
The Trust, if they do not take the legal action recommended by the Barrister need to consider their positions. The current Trust Chairman seems weaker than a cup of tea from Belli's cafe and as with many of the others seems in that position to enjoy being associated with the Club, in a perceived position of power when in reality that's a million miles away.
The Management and playing Staff need a complete overhaul and we need to get back to our football principles which is to entertain the fans thru attacking possession based football with quick wide players. The next manager has to have those beliefs. And player recruitment has to be based around them.

First of all, to kickstart a positive move the Trust must doing everything possible to rid the club of Jenkins and his cronies. Please do your best to make sure this happens. After 13 seasons as a season ticket holder at the Liberty I've had enough. Im still a fan and will return when these people have been moved out. You took the praise, you then took the cash now take it on the chin like men and off you toddle. It was your choice remember but you now need to do the honourable thing...
Have the Trust finally formed an opinion
at 19:06 9 May 2018

On anything yet? And if so does it mean doing anything of note? Anything. Absolutely anything. Something.
Simply not good enough for the Premier League
at 10:04 9 May 2018

And last night ladies and gentlemen the evidence was there for all to see clearly

Hardly any goal attempts created in 96 minutes of football against a struggling Saints side who looked a lot better than us all over the pitch.

Bizarrely now some people looking to blame the current manager who arrived after a 5-0 defeat at Liverpool when we were firmly in last place with little hope. He has given us some hope.

We all really know who has fooked this club up. Greedy owners including Jenkins Dineen Morgan. They took the plaudits, now they must face up to the criticism and questions. When they started putting most of their time and energy into selling the Club and then doing it secretly that's when our serious problems started. That was around 3 years ago. Possibly more. In the words of Tommy Docherty they promised to take our club to the next level. They have, they've got it relegated.

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