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Hungary v Slovakia SS3 - 403 red button
at 19:10 9 Sep 2019

0-0 draw, lots of cards please.
Azerbaijan v Croatia SS1 now
at 17:35 9 Sep 2019

0-1 to Croatia.

Azerbaijan giving it a go though.
Sin Bins trial
at 12:13 30 Jul 2019

I've long been an advocate of sin bins. I use them now unofficially with my mini footballers.

an example of where a sin bin would be appropriate- a team breaks inside their own half they have a numerical advantage, attackers over defenders, a player on the now defending team stops the move developing with a deliberate foul. Currently its always a yellow card as its a long way from goal and the attack hasn't fully developed, but a clear advantage existed to the counter attacking team. imho a yellow card isn't sufficient, it provides no redress to the fouled team, but a red card would be harsh. The defending player is always happy to commit the foul and get carded "taking one for the team".

If it meant 10 minutes in the bin, I think it would be very different. There are many other scenarios where a sin bin would be an effective deterrent, time wasting and simulation as examples.

Mini junior football question.
at 22:28 12 Jul 2019

Does anybody know, under FAW rules, at what age group kids go to 11 a side.

My U11s go to 8 a side next season, and I've been told by someone that they go to 11 a side at U12. Seems a hell of a jump to me.

I can't find anything conclusive on FAW sites.
Wales beat New Zealand
at 17:29 17 Jun 2019

U20s RWC. Nail biting stuff.

Well done lads.

The end of democracy in the UK just got a lot closer.
at 14:21 13 Jun 2019
NBA Finals Golden State warriors v Toronto Raptors
at 12:19 11 Jun 2019

Anybody else following this. My son has got me into it.

its developing into quite a series. GSW ravaged by injures, but Steph Curry delivering on the big occasion as he always does. Kawhi Leonard looking to see the Raptors home to history.

Stoke red card overturned
at 18:53 11 Apr 2019

First sending off overturned because it wasn't a goal scoring opportunity.

I haven't seen a,replay but from my view in the south stand, if he's not brought down, Dan is clean through on goal. No one is catching him.
[Post edited 11 Apr 18:59]
Home to Man City
at 21:39 18 Feb 2019

90 minutes from Wembley
Bruno Ganz RIP
at 15:51 16 Feb 2019

Gordon Banks RIP
at 09:59 12 Feb 2019

One of the all time greats.

Almost as good as Roger.
Femi is a Jack.
at 13:21 10 Feb 2019

Can we get a blue plaque organised.
Brentford beating Barnet
at 20:30 5 Feb 2019

2-0 after 32 mins.
Barnet v Brentford
at 19:31 28 Jan 2019

BT sport 2.

C'mon Barnet.
Hugh McIlvanney RIP
at 08:23 26 Jan 2019

Always enjoyed reading him in the Observer. He appreciated the aesthetic side of the game.

His football men documentary was a good watch, if a little pretentious.

Big swans fan.
Cardiff v Cardiff (in Swansea)
at 12:57 25 Jan 2019

Cardiff City ADC youngsters are taking on Cardiff City's West Glamorgan ADC at Morriston leisure centre on Sunday at a number of age groups. U8s - U13s

Any of you have lads in the CCFC West Glam ADC?

BBC final score
at 16:39 19 Jan 2019

Cardiff 2 down
Southampton 2 up

I don't normally watch BBC final score , but I think I might take a peak today.

Mascot Experience -
at 15:28 23 Dec 2018

My lad is one of the mascots on boxing day.

So we will be arriving early and swapping our usual bovril in the south stand for some hospitality and hanging out with big nobs in the west

Does anybody who has experienced it have any hints and tips on how to get the most out of the day?

Paul Sherwen RIP
at 10:03 3 Dec 2018

A great commentator and no mean cyclist in his day.

Introduced many, including me, to the TDF in the early days of channel 4 coverage and those epics races involving Roche, Lemond, Fignon, Delgado, Indurain.

Big swans fan as well.
At what age or ability level should a kid have to give up one sport for another?
at 14:42 10 Oct 2018

a talented kid I coach at grass roots under 10s is in his local ADC, one step down from full academy.

Wednesday he trains grassroots, Friday he trains ADC, Saturday plays grassroots and Sunday occasionally plays rugby at grass roots level. he's a decent rugby player, he can already place kick and drop kick over adults posts from the 22.

The amount he can play rugby is limited because the ADC sometimes arrange matches for Sunday including full academy trials. It seems obvious to me that these take precedence over grass roots rugby. However his grass roots rugby club take a different view and say unless he commits to most Sundays they wont play him and suggest he gives up rugby. eg he can play rugby this Sunday in a tournament but they've told him not to come.

If he was in the full academy he would not be allowed to play grass roots anything.

As a grass roots football coach I can sort of understand them needing commitment from kids, but equally if a 9 year old turns up with a pair of boots for a grass roots game of rugby on a Sunday I think he should be allowed to play.

what's the view of the Planet swans panel?

[Post edited 10 Oct 2018 14:47]
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