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Corbyn and Labour Anti-Semitism exposed.
at 02:40 31 Mar 2019

His recent remarks, aimed directly against Jews have no place in the British society. I won't post what he said because it'll likely be censored.

And the fact that Sadiq Khan agrees with him says a lot about him and his ilk.

I'm done with Labour's hate campaigns and terrorism. I'm voting UKIP from now and on. The only party that advocates peace and tolerance.
SMH..some of our fans are criminally insane
at 12:55 3 Feb 2019

Now we all despise the c*nts..but wishing bodily harm and violence on them (or accusation of serious acts of terrorism)? Shocking really.
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Farewell to Huwie..
at 00:40 3 Feb 2019

You'll be missed, and no, I'm not taking the p!ss. You've done good for the club, too bad you decided to sell out and destroy your legacy with not only poor decisions, but intentionally vicious and greedy ones as well. But the good will always be remembered. 7 years in the PL, League cup, Europa League football...

Now we'll have to be directly under the owners influence, with their own American yes man, some failed salesman from one of their awful businesses oversees, who wouldn't know if he's directing a "soccer" club or a rugby one. Things are only gonna get worse now, much much worse. League Two beckons..Potter will be fed up in few months I'm certain..all our best will be sold, The academy will be our senior squad..It'll be so bad, we'd look back on our loss today at Bristol and say "Oh well, at least we weren't playing Cheltenham"

Farewell Huwie, you were a c*nt, but our c*nt. Goodbye you gobsh!te.
May Leeds crash and burn f*cking tossers
at 15:17 1 Feb 2019

They have the guts to take the p!ss? C*NTS
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We need Brexit right now..
at 15:15 1 Feb 2019

Maybe with Brexit, Americans and foreigners won''t be able to own local businesses and destroy entire communities with greed.

We need British blood and British ownership that cares about our kingdom.



Swansea squad for 2019-2020
at 14:31 1 Feb 2019

GK - Mulder/Nordfeldt
RB - Roberts
CB - Rodon
CB - Naughton
LB - John
DMF - Fulton
CMF - Grimes
AMF - Dyer
RW - Asoro
LW - McKay
CF - Baker-Richardson

Subs: lol (the U 23s and 18s)

Wages est: 12 m for playing squad plus Potter (if he doesn’t walk away) and wage contributions for loanees

INS: none


Carroll: 2 m (Villa)
Fer (end contract)
Montero: free (WBA?)
James: 5 m (Leeds)
Routledge (end contract)
VDH (end contract)
Olsson (end contract)
McBurnie: 6 m (Boro want him)
Celina: 5 m (at the first offer he’ll be gone)
Ayew x2: loan
Baston: loan

Rodon and Roberts at first offers

Next level beckons..
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Well..could have been worse, but..
at 01:10 1 Feb 2019

Just because James and Fer deals fell through, it doesn't mean all will be forgiven. The intent was to sell every possible asset they can get their hands on. They even failed at that, They're not only vicious owners, but incompetent as well it's f*cking laughable.

Just a lovely reminder on Deadline Day..
at 12:47 31 Jan 2019

Bielsa's stunt.
at 19:59 16 Jan 2019

I..I don't get it. Calls a mysterious presser, giving an illusion that he's resigning, instead he shows off his data collecting and brags about beating Derby..everyone is calling him a genius and a God etc.

Am I missing something? What did he do that's so epic exactly?
Jack Clarke from Leeds
at 21:45 11 Jan 2019

This kid will captain England one day..he's only 18 years old and f*cking brilliant, he has Man City written all over him. And certainly a much better player than roadrunner Sterling.

Remember his name.
Tripping acid balls is never a good idea.
at 16:42 2 Jan 2019

I like umbrella mushrmooms though. shady.
It did seem a bit fishy that we got Potter though..
at 01:44 30 Dec 2018

I mean, if he was any good at this level, he wouldn't really have joined a trainwreck like our club. He would have been snapped by a decent club with actual owners who back it financially.

We were all delusional and quite drunk from excitement, thinking that some pub league coach managing a bunch of seal hunters would get us going.

I repeat, if Potter was any good,

A) He would have been hired by an actual club not owned by comedians.

B) He wouldn't have accepted a job where he has to accept ALL offers that come for his players and to be replaced with teenagers from the academy, or non-leaguers. Leaving a - 40m transfer deficit.

C) Jenkins wouldn't have had the thought of hiring him, because it'd mean that Huwie actually had a good idea, and hell would literally freeze before such thing ever happens.

I admit, I was wrong. it's ok, This time I lose hope for good.
Thread about that Cardiff heh?
at 01:25 30 Dec 2018

Nicking a last minute winner against Leicester at King Power, the same Leicester who've beaten Chelsea and Man City back to back in the same week.

If someone told me before the season started, that the scum will total 18 pts in 20 matches I'd have called them absolute nonces. But here we are.

Meanwhile in the mighty championship, we are gobsh!te, goodnight all.
Would you be satisfied with mid table Championship stability?
at 03:10 28 Dec 2018

Or would you be disappointed if the club's ambition doesn't go higher than that? (play offs/promotion)

Personally, I'm starting to accept the fact, I've moved on from our PL days, we're a championship club now, like Nottingham Forest and Sheff Wed least I hope we won't look back one day from League One at our current times and say "ah..the good ol' post PL relegation championship days"

[Post edited 28 Dec 2018 3:14]
Martin Braithwaite
at 23:55 19 Dec 2018

Apparently we're into bringing this fellow from Boro, I remember him playing for Denmark in the world cup, kind of slow but decent end product from what I recall, he isn't getting much play time behind Assombalonga so Pulis is willing to to let him go on loan.

The problem? His wages are certainly too high for us, he's reportedly the highest paid Boro player (around 40k/wk) and Boro will be expecting all the wages to be paid in full so it's not likely that the move will be sanctioned. But still, it seems like a serious link.

He hasn't really lit the league on fire or anything, but I'd say he'd be a sure enough striker option to have, he'd cost around 1 m for half a season though, too steep perhaps?
Championship clubs are money blackholes.
at 00:13 14 Dec 2018

Owners of Championship clubs that fail to get promoted are constantly bleeding money on their investment.

It's safe to say that we won't be playing PL football next year. Which brings me to the obvious question..

The owners don't give a f*ck about Swansea or "soccer". They would have no reason to hold on to the club as it'll bring them nothing but losses when the parachute payments dry up in few years..then what exactly? I'm seriously worried. What stops them from selling all players that are worth over a million over the next year or so, leading us down to League One, and then sell the property for peanuts, make their money back and more, then abandon ship as we tumble down the divisions?

I'll answer that, absolutely nothing. That's the only scenario that awaits our club. There are no rich fans queuing to take over and save the club like Coates is to Stoke for example. No big name brand like Aston Villa, waiting for an Egyptian shining armour to sweep in and save us when sh!t hits the fan, We're the next Hull city if not Sunderland..going to sink like a rock within a couple of years no doubt.

We've already discussed this many times, but now that our promotion has become a delusion rather than us being pre-season strong contenders. It's time to take this more seriously.
[Post edited 14 Dec 2018 0:14]
What's the true identity of Individual 1?
at 09:12 9 Dec 2018

Hillary? Obama? Soros?..I guess we'll know soon enough.

The supreme leader The Donald has already tweeted (reliable source) that Michael Cohen's testimony clears the president (who happens to be Mr. Trump), and denies any collusion with Russia during the 2016 elections.

I guess Hillary tried to swing the elections in her favour and failed. The will of the people have triumphed and globalism and multiculturalism failed!!

#MAGA #Qanon #NRA

[Post edited 9 Dec 2018 9:14]
Beware Brexit.
at 08:23 5 Dec 2018

Beware Brexit.

It is all out in the public domain now. The secret documents relating the future of the nation have been leaked by some unknown future martyr.

Pillars of post-Brexit Britain.

1-Britain will prevail.

2-Socially engineered society, turning all young subjects into the superior model of Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, only to grow up into the shape of Boris Johnson (naturally, since Johnson is Yaxley-Lennon in one of those police “have you seen that man who’s been missing for 30 years” ageing programs)

3-Question not the authority of the Witch Queen Catherine II (she is believed to be Katie Hopkins), ruling the land for eternity after the abdication of the treacherous Queen Elizabeth II for allowing Harry to tie the unholy knot with a half caste Yankee vermin.

4-None of this politically correct manure and excrement.

5-The 4th Reich as known as the European Union shall fall by the mighty power of the nobleman and poet Nigel Farage, who will lead the rebellion against the betrayers of the race of Europe.

6-Church of England is authority and constitution. Abortionists, Homosexuals, Femenists and Soy boys beware!

7-Peoples of the East Indies, Africa and the tea and saffron trading route, Off to yer land of heresy.

8-The Irish and the Scot may weep for freedom. But as long as English, noble, superior English blood runs through the veins of the holy queen, England shall prevail above all other inferior Britons.

9-We value democracy, as long as it doesn’t violate any of the previous pillars.

We need a 2nd vote, or our fate will be sealed. It's all known now so there is nowhere to hide. May the secular Gods have mercy on us all..
Liverpool vs Fulham WTF
at 12:50 11 Nov 2018

So Fulham score a legit goal which was wrongfully ruled offside, And while the players are protesting the moron referee's decision, Liverpool started a counter attack which led to a goal. All happened within 15 seconds.

WTF indeed, if this happened to our club I'd be fuming.

[Post edited 11 Nov 2018 12:56]
US Midterms..
at 22:27 5 Nov 2018

Trump already promised violence if the GOP loses the house majority or the senate.

Also, It doesn't look like he'll be willing to step down in 2020 if he loses. His cult will flood the streets and do f*ck knows what.

That's what happens when people unite over a person rather than a country's interest in a democracy. They'd do anything to keep him in charge. Even defiling the constitution. That's how dictatorships are born. And that's how civil wars start.

I honestly don't think Trump will simply concede his "throne" to the Democrats. What would his supporters do? How will they find another person to worship like that?

Let's just say Trump serves 2 terms and his rule expires at 2024. Then what? No way in hell the GOP will just move on from this. They'll want him as president for life like the Kim family in North Korea. A 2nd civil war is on the way, which will affect the whole world which should obviously concern all of us. Dangerous, dangerous times.
[Post edited 5 Nov 2018 22:28]
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