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Tonight's champions league fare...
at 20:26 17 Oct 2017

All the prem clubs winning, City look absolutely lethal this season. Napoli have been excellent so far this season and they're making mincemeat of them.
Ancelotti supposedly out the door at Bayern
at 14:15 28 Sep 2017

Come on Carlo, come and help out your old pal Paul
Album Recommendation
at 09:26 6 Jul 2017

Every Valley by Public Service Broadcasting.

Concept album about the rise and fall of the mining industry in south Wales. Recorded in former steel works in Ebbw Vale featuring James Bradfield (Manics) and the Beaufort Male Choir. Also takes samples from various 50's documentaries about the industry.

A few singles here
Will we see any kids against WBA?
at 20:23 15 May 2017

McBurnie start? Daniel James? Adam King?
at 10:50 6 Apr 2017

First major of the year. Tips? Predictions?
[Post edited 6 Apr 2017 12:10]
Frank Lampard
at 15:29 27 Feb 2017

Haven't seen it mentioned anywhere but I thought our fans reaction to Frank Lampard was a complete and utter f*cking embarrassment.

Look, I get it, he's one of the greatest ever premier league players and he played less than a handful of games for us when he was a nipper so hey, by all means be interested, maybe even treat yourself to a half arsed round of applause, but the reaction he got was humiliating.

A c*nting standing ovation? Treating him as if he was our all time highest goalscorer and appearance holder who'd captained us to every piece of silverware on the planet? Do me a f*cking favour. And chanting YJB at him? Beggars belief. Not a single one of our players nor the team as a whole got anywhere near that kind of ovation. I thought "England is full of sh*t" anyway?

Bet these are the same cretins who rain down a torrent of vitriol and abuse at OUR OWN players and the same who would happily call the likes of Garry Monk a c*nt.

Apart from that support was in fine voice all afternoon.
The relegation run-in
at 15:15 8 Feb 2017

Found this article quite interesting:

Don't fancy Palace and 'Borough's run in.
Has football developed an unhealthy obsession with grief?
at 13:28 25 Jan 2017
These people need to be fired into the heart of the sun
at 09:32 19 Jan 2017

Who would complain about any of these?
[Post edited 19 Jan 2017 9:33]
Are you Bluey in disguise...?
at 12:26 6 Jan 2017

Neil Warnock quite fond of us it seems...

Cardiff City manager Neil Warnock on new Swansea boss Paul Clement: "I like Paul. I met him when he was at Derby. He’s a really nice chap. He talks well and is very sociable.

“Derby is not an easy club to manage and I am sure he will use that experience. He has some good players at Swansea.

“There isn’t much that signing a centre half wouldn’t put right there to replace Ashley Williams.

“If I had a choice of any wide player in the Premier League I would take Jefferson Montero, I love him, me. And you’ve got Wayne Routledge who played for me who can make things happen out of nothing.

“And you’ve got the best midfielder in the league in Gylfi Sigurdsson so you’ve got a good basis.

“There is no reason Swansea can’t get out of it, another couple of wins and there will be a few teams looking over their shoulders."
This worries me
at 18:23 17 Oct 2016

Is this a sign of these players being pushed away from the first team? Ideally Mawson and Fulton should be in and around the matchday squad and pushing for a 1st team berth. McBurnie less so if we have 2 fit strikers.

Most worrying one for me is Kingsley, if he's starting tonight it points quite heavily towards Taylor starting on Saturday.
[Post edited 17 Oct 2016 18:27]
at 18:34 16 Oct 2016

Absolutely does my nut that when someone disagrees with a player being rightly criticised they instantly accuse the critic of labeling that player a scapegoat.

It seems a convenient way for some to ignore the fact that many players (Fernandez, Taylor, Ki, Routledge and possibly others) simply are not good enough, at least not at the moment. If you honestly believe those players have been hard done by then something is wrong. They can rightly shoulder more blame than most (although no-one is blame free) for our poor form.
Tattoo Advice
at 22:16 28 Sep 2016

So I'm thinking of getting my first tattoo and was wondering where the best tattoo shop in Swansea and the surrounding area is. It's a relatively simple design (I think so anyway, it's based on concentric circles) but I've seen people that have had simple designs absolutely butchered so I'm obviously keen to avoid that.
at 09:41 31 Aug 2016

What's with this sudden obsession with crossing?

It must be a relic from the reign of Garry Monk because the Swans I remember never relied heavily on crossing. In our best spell we played with wingers who couldn't cross the f*cking road. We always used to work the ball into the box through clever passing and movement or a winger would get to the by-line after beating their man or having a ball slip inside by the full-back and cut it back in the box.

I think it points to the fact that our passing style has still deserted us if we're truly relying on whipping cross after cross into our target man in the hope he'll nod one in. We still desperately need to get back to the short, and most importantly QUICK passing game we had, using our striker as a lynch pin for others to buzz around not as a bruiser desperately trying to get on the end of terrible crosses with three defenders on his back.
New Premier League Rules
at 11:25 20 Jul 2016

Looks like they're cracking down on players appalling behavior. Hopefully the refs are properly supported in order to carry out these punishments. Could be in for a big shock, can see loads of red cards being dished out for the first few weeks of the season until players get the message.

I'm all for this I have to say. One of Mourinho's tactics down the drain, no more intimidating the ref from his teams hopefully.
Bielsa Resigns
at 13:15 8 Jul 2016

After two days work...

F*cking crackpot, think it was a blessing in disguise that he didn't come to us.
Is the new format less entertaining?
at 08:52 21 Jun 2016

I know it will hardly be Wales fans' biggest concern at the moment but I thought this tweet from Gary Lineker last night was interesting:

Does he have a point? Do you now have too many teams playing for a draw? Slovakia last night being the prime example, with the previous format they would have had to win to go through which you assume would have made for a much more exciting game.
Wales Preview
at 16:44 10 Jun 2016

"A lot of the pre-tournament hype is quite dismissive to Wales and their chances, because i. they are not an established tournament team, as if that helps England at all, and ii. they legitimately have a player called "Jazz". That's not right. That shouldn't be allowed. So the expectation when Wales play England in Lens on Thursday is the same as whenever England play a rival home nation: really long national anthems followed by an inevitable English 2-1 win, and balance and superiority is restored.

But then: Wales have Gareth Bale, who is actually, properly, superstar-level good. And they also have Aaron Ramsey, who was good two years ago, but crucially – crucially – he has dyed his hair bleach-blonde, and I feel like this is the final stage in him transforming from Aaron Ramsey, 25-year-old useful midfielder, into a legitimate superhero who stalks the streets of Cardiff high-kicking criminals in the throat. Also they have Ashley Williams, who you absolutely would not f*ck with. Ashley Williams is unf*ckable with. I feel like I could drive a van into Ashley Williams and he'd just be mad. Like: entirely uninjured. Driving a van into Ashley Williams actually makes him stronger. And I'm just there, shellshocked from the explosion of an airbag in my face, and Ashley Williams has wrenched the van door off – and this van is rented, so I'm not getting my deposit back now – and also he is mad. That's how I die. That's how I want to die.

So, Wales: quite tasty. And if they shock England then it goes one of two ways: every person in England quietly admits that, actually, maybe we're not that good, and that winning two World Wars and one World Cup doesn't actually stand us in very good stead to win a European football tournament 50 years later, and we take the little flags off our vans and have a little sit down and a think; or we nuke Wales, because f*ck Wales. It could go one of two ways! Who knows!"
[Post edited 10 Jun 2016 16:53]
Monk Favourite for Leeds Job
at 15:00 31 May 2016
April Music Thread
at 20:34 18 Apr 2016

I'm sure there's a general 'what are you listening to?' thread but couldn't find it for toffee.

Anyway I thought I'd try a couple of songs from the 21st century that you old fogies might like

[Post edited 18 Apr 2016 20:34]
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