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Is there no limit to some people's stupidity?
at 13:37 12 Jan 2019

Seriously these people are not safe to be let out.
Dave Matthews Band
at 21:43 28 Dec 2018

Any PS posters like these? I love em, and off to see them at Eventim Apollo in March. Can't wait. Check this out albeit from 1999:

Boxing Day.....
at 17:50 16 Dec 2018

Does anyone know whether the game at home v Villa will be on the Sky Red Button service?
I have a spare ticket for Brentford
at 07:18 3 Dec 2018

So pm me if interested. Face value obviously.
Comments from Mourinho I actually agree with for once...
at 12:50 24 Nov 2018

Speaks volumes about the overpaid primadonnas in modern day football.
TV replay
at 20:54 1 Sep 2018

Sorry, just turned 60 and returned hoarse from the New Den and need help in locating a tv replay of the game today. Can't believe I pay a shit load of cash to Sky and I forgot to set record.....
Every midweek Sky Bet Championship match.....
at 18:38 23 Aug 2018

live on the red button with Sky Sports.

I must have missed this.

Please, no pelters!
What is our target.....
at 15:44 16 Aug 2018

...points wise for promotion back to the PL? I got so used to the 40 point survival mark and I've no real handle on what we must now aim at.

Hypothetical question at the moment I guess given our squad issues.
No appeal against Ayew's red card
at 13:27 12 Mar 2018

"The Swans were conscious that if an appeal is deemed frivolous by the Football Association, suspensions can be extended."

I thought we all understood this potential had been dispensed with? If so, would we have come to a different decision do we think?
Here we go then - Points Predictions for 2017/8!
at 17:42 14 Jun 2017

I'll start. 47
Sunderland Refund
at 17:29 15 May 2017

I bought my 3 tickets immediately after the Everton game. I haven't heard anything regarding the refund. Anyone got any idea? I can't see anything on the official site.
Does anyone else smell a rat?
at 08:33 30 Apr 2017

Yesterday Southampton looked like they weren't even trying whilst Burnley who haven't won away all season beat Palace.....
Parking at Hull on Saturday
at 20:03 7 Mar 2017

Heading to the KCOM on Saturday for the 6 pointer! Never been to Hull before and I'm looking for advice on parking. Meeting up with folks at the Lion and Key pub on Hight Street by the river so parking between there and the stadium would be ideal. Any ideas?
I challenge any of you...
at 17:16 17 Dec 2016

...shower who were on the pitch today, plus you Bob Bradley, to come on here and explain to us why you deserve paying for this week's work. You are all, to a man, utterly embarrassing and should give up your week's wages and donate them to local children's charities.

Dreadful, just gobsmackingly dreadful.
Watching in Crete Saturday
at 20:51 19 Oct 2016

First visit to Chania in Crete. Anyone know if there are any bars there likely to show our game on Saturday?
Open Message to the Players
at 11:35 19 Sep 2016

I travelled all day from home and back yesterday to watch the game at Southampton. I saw little that gave me much confidence for the rest of the season.

I expect you to start doing your jobs, for which you are being very handsomely paid, properly. I do not know whether some of you have issues with our manager, but you are contracted to carry out your role in exactly the same way as I am. If you do have an issue, deal with it in the dressing room or in training. Don't take your frustrations out on the pitch. You will be letting yourselves down as well as fans such as myself who spends his hard earned cash to watch you play.

Please take a look at yourselves and take a pride in your next game. I don't care if you are not good enough on any given day, but I do expect loyalty, passion and effort.

Thank you
[Post edited 19 Sep 2016 11:42]
Now, Cato
at 18:42 24 May 2016
Parking at Bournemouth
at 17:42 7 Mar 2016

Mrs legoman and legoman jr. and I are heading to Bournemouth this weekend. Been there before but not to the ground. Does anyone know if there is parking near the ground? We have a hotel but its too far to walk.
Dear Swans Players....
at 18:49 13 Feb 2016

I paid £38 to watch you today so allow me the opportunity to make a few observations
1) The object of the game of football is two-fold. Firstly score some goals and secondly stop the opposition from scoring more goals than you.
2) The goal is that wooden rectangular thing at each end of the pitch. It’s got a net on it to catch the ball so all those watching can see you’ve actually scored a goal.
3) The game is a bit easier if you run about a bit faster than you do. There is an added advantage to this as it keeps you a bit warmer too. And also, your team-mates wear the same colour shirt as you (apart from the goalkeeper) so it helps if you pass the ball to one of them rather than someone in another coloured shirt.
4) You all have a couple of weeks off now, so, while the Liberty is quiet, pop down there and have a wander down to the end of the pitch. Study those goalposts because that’s what you’re aiming at. You could even try kicking a few balls into the net just to see how it feels.
5) Oh and by the way, us fans are beginning to forget what it’s like when you actually score a goal during a game. It would be rather spiffing if you could score a couple soon, if it’s not too much trouble.
6) Also, while you have your two weeks off, just so as you know, you will, on average, have earned more in that time than I will in a year.
7) I’m not sure if you are aware, but the club is rather close to getting relegated this year. That means we won’t be in the Premier League any more, and many of us are a bit bothered by that possibility. I mention this in passing because some of you don’t seem to be too concerned. Do you really want to play this game? Is it a bit chilly for you at the moment or something?
8) And also, if we do get relegated next year, many of you will probably look to leave and play for teams in the Middle East or in China perhaps. Good luck to you, but remember it will be due to your collective lack of desire and effort that we find ourselves in that position. We’ll still be here. I’d hope that those foreign clubs would actually think to themselves that you aren’t really that good because if you were you’d have tried a bit harder.
Sorry if this is a bit bothersome for you. If you could just deliver one point out of the next couple of games, that would be great, but if you can’t be bothered to try, don’t worry.
P.S. any chance one of you could refund my £38 after today?
Final PL Table 2015/6
at 21:19 19 Jan 2016

Just been here and made some predictions for the remainder of the season. I didn't worry predicting scores, just outcomes so GD might have altered things a tad.

However, I have
Champions - Man City (79pts)
Runners Up - Arsenal (78pts)
3rd place - Man U (72pts)

20th Villa (22pts)
19th Sunderland (26pts)
18th Bournemouth (30pts)

Other notables

Chelsea 7th (62pts)
Leicester 4th (68pts)

And Swans?
14th place with 41pts.

Anyone else had a go? What do you get?
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