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Season 2019 - 2020 fixtures
at 09:26 13 Jun 2019

PL fixtures announced today.
Championship on Thursday 20th at 9,00 am.
Something to look forward to in what seems to be a quiet time at the moment.
Mike Flynn?
at 09:50 12 Jun 2019

Nation Radio reporting this morning that despite the reports naming Steve Cooper, Mike Flynn is still in the reckoning. I thought things were done and dusted but maybe not so.
Bolton ticket available.
at 20:29 18 Feb 2019

West stand Senior ticket face value £15 ono.
Bolton ticket available.
at 13:03 13 Feb 2019

West stand seniors ticket face value £15 ono. Wife has decided we are going away for the week as it's half term and no child minding duties. PM me if interested.
Blueturds fixtures
at 10:49 14 Jun 2018

They seem to have a relatively kind August but September looks a bit tasty.

Not that I give a sh1t really but bottom at Christmas is my prediction.
You've got what you deserve you dollar grabbing donkeys
at 00:06 27 Dec 2017

I hope you're pleased with your recent purchase of the best club in Wales. Unfortunately you were taken for a ride by a bunch of money grabbing bastards and even worse gave the job of chairman to King Konk who has surely shown you by now that he has lost the plot when it comes to the running of our club.

I can't sympathise with your situation but maybe you could with the long suffering fans who I'm sure you will have noticed are not too pleased at present.

[Post edited 27 Dec 2017 0:09]
So the government plan to ban petrol and diesel cars
at 20:36 26 Jul 2017

The same government that has just scrapped the electrification of rail links to Swansea.
Double standards maybe ............... but if it suits.
Liberty stadium
at 09:31 24 Jan 2017

American media giant Liberty Media have just completed takeover of Formula 1 for
$8 billion. Should we tap them up to see if they want to be the next stadium sponsor. No need for name change then. (cos I do like the name of our stadium)
This year on Planetswans
at 12:10 14 Jan 2017

Well I've made my new years resolution.

I have decided that this year I must learn to be as:
1) brazen as Darran
2) full on as Resurrection
3) attentive as Londonlisa
4) always right as Dwight (and a few others too numerous to mention)
5) meticulous as Private Partz
6) sarky as Warwick
7)mischievous as Jackfath
8) good with the down arrows as Dailew
9) cautious as Borojack
10) loyal as Loyal (and the other things he's good at)

PS. No offence meant to all those lovely people or those who don't get a mention (sorry Perchie) but wtf I'll get POTY if I can do all that.

Any of you good posters made any resolutions?
Dry January again
at 17:43 10 Jan 2017

Despite supporting a team that's enough to drive anyone to drink, I have decided to try the month without alcohol.
Although I only started on the 3rd January (social commitments ) I have managed a week so far.
Anyone else giving it a go?

(Regular drinkers only need reply )
Purple Todger
at 00:08 10 Nov 2016

Time to do one I think.
Ratcliffe's at it now
at 17:22 19 Sep 2016

He must have been reading the comments on here.
Good article on BBC sport website
at 11:48 23 Jan 2016

Song for Gomis
at 20:09 30 Nov 2015

To the tune of Wimoweh - The lion sleeps tonight.

"In the jungle, the mighty jungle the Panther sleeps tonight.

In the jungle the mighty jungle the Panther strays offside.

Bafetimbi ..... Bafetimbi ......Bafetimbi ............ Bafetimbi

Bafetimbi ..... Bafetimbi ......Bafetimbi ............ Bafetimbi"

Repeat ad nauseam or until he scores whichever is the sooner.

Time to wake the fecker up I reckon.
Dwight Yorke
at 12:31 16 Sep 2014

Strange, but after staring at DYSS avatar and the smiling Dwight so many times on this board, I found that when he was on the box over the weekend doing his bit of punditry, I really didn't like him. I don't even know why, but I think it must be down to DYSS. Anyone else get the same feeling?
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