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at 18:55 17 Mar 2019

surprised george byers and wayne routledge refer to their mother by this term, but if its in the Jack magazine ...
xmas greetings from fa of wales
at 16:52 19 Dec 2018

dropped into my inbox, first image in huge letters .. cardiff city football club.

together stronger ... yeah, yeah ... keep trying .. not interested ;)

and even less interested with that stadium at the forefront of all its marketing.

small minded, maybe, look to the bigger picture, perhaps ... nah. not interested.
Match Day
at 08:05 11 Aug 2018

Right then, first home match of the season, these things have a habit of coming around with all that's going on so having digested most of what has been said over the last few days much of today will be routine:

- Rossis
- Cheering some good football (hopefully)
- A look at the players we have, no doubt criticising some, praising others and passing on opinion on what the manager does well/could have done better
- giving Jenkins pelters if the opportunity arises as nothing has changed in my view of him over the last 3-4 yrs, he could have done better, has had his time, and someone else deserves a shot in his position

Other activity will involve
- joining the trust as in reality they are as near as we have to a legitimate fans voice and for all the criticism will have more of the long term interests of the club at heart than the investors

Other inactivity will involve not getting worked up by the investors who have bought a club that they will look to minimise their losses with, but we are stuck with them now. Still feel there would have been better people to sell to, hence the Jenkins (and co) point still stands in my book.

Have a good day all, 3 points will always be preferred to any other outcome today,
so what exactly has changed?
at 21:42 24 May 2018

appears a new young/hungry manager has been signed (in the image of 1-2 predecessors that worked (martinez/rodgers, along with 1-2 that didn't monk/clement) accepting the latter didn't commit to swansealona footie but you know what I mean

players already being signed, this lad from Liverpool, linked with 1-2 others

no statement from the board, other than some vague apology that wasn't really an apology

and jenkins, dineen et al continuing like business as usual

and not much the fans can do, with the trust in theory our only line into the decision makers, but with no line into the decision makers

and lots of anger on this board and among the fans.

anyone else just a little bit frustrated that both a club we care about, and a customer focused business has essentially been allowed to pretend nothing has really happened.

where is the accountability? where?????

cool and calm is great if it hadn't been 3/4 years of decline, it's way past a tweak here or there, that was what jenkins had promised every time after recent failures.

talk about disconnecting with the fan base ...
We aren't great
at 20:47 5 May 2018

We ain't down yet but we are no great shakes and haven't been for a while, a few years even, for consistent periods.

Today was poor, tentative, limited creativity, lack of urgency .. not going to moan about tactics, defensive etc that's a matter of opinion, but we don't have players who can work the ball into space or chances too often, and if we are getting into the blame game, I will say our quality isn't there. yes, the odd player(s) stick their hands up now and again and play above themselves, connor probably did that today, but overall, we are hoping to get more from less every year.

we may pull this out of the fire yet but am inclined to leave carlos alone, the referee alone, even the players alone. we might just be expecting too much, today for me, similar to the first away game at Southampton at the beginning was just lacking all the stuff that got us here in the first place.

highlight of the day was the celebrations before the match over the stoke loss, and those away day moments, whatever league we are in, always makes for a good craic and a good day out.
at 22:12 2 Nov 2017

does he tend to play most matches for llanelli or do his swans duties take priority?
Players not trying
at 22:25 16 Apr 2016

Ain't it amazing that every year 2-3 teams in each division have players that don't try.

They always seem to be the teams occupying the relegation places.

And sometimes these non trying teams start trying and shoot up the table.

Such a simple game to analyse and support is football.....

Now and again it pays to take a step back and take a deep breath and maybe consider there are other reasons why teams lose - or is it they are just not trying as much as other players, as opposed to not trying at all ?

We'll be first on match of the day tonight
at 18:57 10 Jan 2016

and Lawrenson predicted us to win.

at least that's a couple of critical threads we won't have this weekend :)

tunnel bust up
at 10:55 26 Oct 2015

this chap tucker at the western mail seems determined to write a load of articles that put the swans under a bit of negative media pressure. 2-3 in todays online.

he writes a positive headline but then spends the entire piece undermining the win, and had done a whole separate piece on the incident in the tunnel that he has no real info on!
no bony
at 15:53 12 Apr 2015

in the man city squad today. presumably he left to play in the big matches ?

maybe injured?
sport wales
at 22:01 20 Feb 2015

didn't know jimmy rimmer was a gorseinon pub regular?

which one was he in - the west end?

didn't look like any of the ones that have been done out, but didn't quite look like the gyp.

been years since I had a session down gors, is he the life and soul of the party down there?

he reckons the swans have a chance of winning tomorrow although prefers a draw - I'd never even really associated him with man utd, always thought villa, but then 80s onwards is my time.
tool liverpool fan on 606
at 19:08 11 Jan 2015

did anyone hear that nearly last caller? blaming the swans for ruining the premier league by playing players like bony and then selling them on. was fuming on all manner of levels - like we want to lose our best player, like we are not entitled to survive in the premier league, like we are somehow expected to counteract capitalism.

reached for the phone and then the programme ended.. rant over
Some realities? Measuring Success
at 12:59 27 Mar 2014

The last few weeks has been a real eye opener for me in terms of re-evaluating what supporting the Swans is all about, but I think needs a bit og grounded thought.

Like many others I want my team to succeed, but am beginning to question how we measure success. For many it appears to be a winning side who plays good football, although the emphasis over a period of time is on the former. This begs the question that long term can we actually sustain the expectations of our fan base in the Premier League? As with the best will in the world it is unlikely we are going to be challenging for honours on a regular basis, and mid table safety likely to be as good as it gets. This leads to problem number 1 for many - people lose interest if we are not on an upward trajectory. (points/tables/trophies wise)

Which leads to a second point in relation to stadium expansion and attracting new fans. One of the upside of the PL is also a downside in media exposure. A team like Swansea will generally be battling to get to mid table, and that is often not a particularly attractive product to bring on new fans. In fact one can argue that attendances both home and away this year have dropped already, so a groundswell of new support is not necessarily in the offing. Appreciate more community stuff can be done but wouldn't expect this to necessarily create huge numbers.

Strangely as I write this I can therefore see some of the issues the board are having to deal with, and whilst I was as annoyed as the next person as to the almost personal vendetta that seemed to be developing betweeen Jenkins/Laudrup, I can also see that maybe they accept some of these practicalities and have to make on the face of it disappointing decisions relating to stadium expansion and player purchases. So i go back to the first questions, measuring success? jenkins et al clearly do so on football values and possibly even community values, whereas many others are doing so in terms of success, player purchases, ground size.

Is it time for people to re-evaluate how they measure success/progress if they are to continue to enjoy watching their club. I think I might have to, it doesn't mean wanting to be relegated, it robably means enjoying the moment, and accepting that even with progress we probably will be relegated at some point. For that benchmark to change, I'd be interested in some reasonable views as to what would need to happen.
Leighton Andrews says...
at 20:00 2 Mar 2014

Vincent Tan calling Cardiff a town insults welsh national pride apparently, the soap opera heads to the assembly

Not sure who would look the biggest idiot if this is to be discussed - Leighton Andrews, the Assembly, or Tan?

Probably one of the former 2 ....
who are the 'senior' players?
at 13:20 5 Feb 2014

and are they speaking for the whole team? Seen this term used a few times to highlight there was a problem in the camp that was identified by 'senior players'? So assuming Monk was one, Williams possibly another (based on another thread) and Britton would have to be thrown into the mix? Rangel hopefully, as he might be able to bridge some of the Spanish divide, and Dyer?

Were this handful speaking for the majority? Be a lot more comfortable if I felt that Michu, Bony, Shelvey were also feeling the same way as should be pretty easy to kick on. These might not be the senior pages in age but surely would be in terms of influence on 'winning' games. Based on Michus quote in another thread, he is surely referring to Laudrup, and if that is the case, is kind of sticking up for him? So who are these 'senior players' and are they representative of the whole camp.
kenwynne jones tries another route to get into Wales
at 17:47 25 Jan 2014

Newport County should offer him a contract, he's clearly desperate to come to his spiritual home ;)

wonder if people haven't found it a bit suss that Stoke seem to want him offloaded in every transfer window and seem to think a welsh club always up to take him. what with his surname and knowing the words to Delilah they obviously think wales will welcome him with open arms.

Newport the new Swansea
at 19:39 3 Nov 2013

So many of us out this way these days, good to see our missionary work confusing the media

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