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Millwall away tickets needed
at 16:23 26 Jan 2020

How does it work with getting away tickets?
I'm not a JA member, or ST holder.

at 09:06 21 Jan 2020

may be only 19 and still a little raw, but his energy, hunger, skill and desire seems second to none, compared to other strikers we've played this season. When I saw his goal against Wigan, I assumed he was left footed due to the composure and technique he used in the finish. Absolutely not. Going to be a massive signing for us I'm sure. Well done Coopie!

His individual performance against the scum. Don't forget this is a debut and in a massive derby match. Very, very good start for him.

This video is from when he was 17. Ahead of his time and with 2 more years under his belt since this, I think we could be in for some exciting times with this lad from now until the end of the season.
at 10:21 16 Jan 2020

Searching for a squash racquet this morn and somehow, randomly came across this amongst the google results. Strange, but very interesting.

It's a university study/journal paper about the South Wales dialects.
Very long read (which I haven't finished yet), but nice. Quite a bit of history of the area.
January Transfer Thread
at 16:31 3 Jan 2020

Can't find one of these this year. Probably because nothing will happen, but there rumours etc. so be nice to see them all in one place.

Official approach made for Kasey Palmer

More clubs in for Brewster
9/11 again
at 12:46 1 Jan 2020

I haven't posted here for a while, so sorry if this annoys you, but i was debating with some of you about this previously, but I can't find the thread to repost in.

Here is a 5 hour film using clips of official hearings and a conference in Canada, 10 years after the event.
Looks at NIST's and the 9/11 Commission's reports and asks questions about their validity.
Not really up for arguing and abuse today, but thought you guys might like a look at this, as it really unpicks the official narrative and also some of the things people were arguing with me about ie. the molten steel, the eye witnesses who heard explosions (over 150 of them), the pancake effect on the floors, Thermite, blah blah blah.

Don't expect any breathtaking visuals and excitement, like some other documentaries. This is videos of the official hearings, but extremely interesting.

Part 1.
Amazon Prime -
YouTube -

Part 2.
Amazon Prime -
YouTube -

Part 3.
Amazon Prime -
YouTube -

Part 4.
Amazon Prime -
YouTube -
Best place to sit in ground.
at 10:24 21 Sep 2019

So I'm finally able to purchase my own season ticket, so have a couple of questions.

I always loved the North Bank as a kid and the only place that gives me anywhere near that feeling in The Liberty is the NE corner.

I have been trying out all stands and am really torn between three spots (now reduced to 2, as there are no seats left in one).

1) East - Half way line, back.
I like this position, as it has a very good view of the field of play. Not too far from the singing, but maybe a little too far from the pitch.
2) East - NE corner.
I like this because it's near the away fans, the atmosphere is better and it gives me a buzz from when I was younger. View isn't the best though and can't see passages of play very well, although close to our goal chances for one half.
3) West - right behind dugout.
Now I wasn't too keen on this position when I first sat here, as it's quite low so you can't see the play very well, plus theres little or no singing, but I absolutely loved being able to hear what everyone was saying on the benches and being close to that action. (unfortunately, there's no ST left which are close enough the dugout for me, so this option is gone for this year).

My questions are...

a) Can you swap seats once you've purchased the ST if you don't like where you are?
b) Are there any pros or cons that you guys think I should consider before choosing one of these areas?

Thanks in advance :)
Declan John to Sunderland?
at 09:51 2 Sep 2019

HITC are pretty poor I know, but here's the article...
Premier League thread
at 12:30 10 Aug 2019

I'll kick this off by saying how shit that "Blowing Bubbles" song is and I thank God I'm not a West Ham fan ffs.
Prediction Logged by at 08:45:24
Swansea City v Preston North End prediction logged
Prediction Logged by at 08:44:41
Derby County v Swansea City prediction logged
AFCON qualifiers
at 18:34 3 Aug 2019

SO I notice the African qualifiers have started already.
I've never noticed any of the premier league players being released for qualifiers and they aren't usually the same time as our international breaks.

Not really fair to the players who play and get to the finals, only for Mane, Salah and co to take their places and hog the limelight is it?

Is that really how it works?
Prediction Logged by at 09:44:29
Swansea City v Hull City prediction logged
Football betting thread
at 14:20 30 Jul 2019

I thought I'd start a betting thread for footy, as I know there are some for horses etc. but I'm not interested in all that.

I thought we could discuss certain bets we like and get some advice and tips from eachother.

Plan is, as a forum, we could build up our money individually and then propose a buyout of the yanks.

Lets discuss potential bets below.
Yanks don't seem so bad.
at 19:27 25 Jul 2019

Cue the down arrows and hate haha.

Reason I say this is because of the Birch appointment, the way they've given him almost total control to enable him to build a, quite frankly, highly exciting backroom team and potential for our club.

OK, player signings have been slow and last years clearout was harsh, but it really seems like we are moving forward now.

I am extremely happy with the non playing staff we have acquired this year and although we are only looking at loans or free transfers in this transfer window, these non players are definitely not free or cheap. They are a mix of young and hungry, and experienced and knowledgeable.

We are most definitely moving forward.

The words of our new head of recruitment shows that he is looking to be here for a while to come and I think he may just be the dogs bollocks (even though I didn't really know his background before).
If anyone is not chuffed with this article, they must be already dead (or a Cardiff fan)
Take The Ball, Pass The Ball. The story of the greatest football team ever.
at 00:54 10 Jul 2019

Fuk me, this blew me away.
Pep says that the way you play is more important than results...
get that right and the results will come.

I know this is way ahead of our level, but we need to think in these ways. We need to not think about the result of that 90 minutes and think about the result of years in the future.
Pep Guardiola is a genius.

Amazon Prime.
Coopie's expertise.
at 11:01 7 Jul 2019

I remember pointing out when we appointed him that he has been at various seminars and giving speeches to people doing their coaching badges, basically helping teach the new managers etc. about tactics and stuff.
Jasper told me that it wasn't anything special, as they will ask just about anyone to do that and it wasn't because he had any special skills.

I don't know much about that type of thing, so I agreed that could be the case, but still thought there was more to it.

Then I read this new article from Margetson, who talks about the time Cooper was sent out to Russia to advise Southgate and the England coaching team on the Colombia match. (am match England won to take them to the World Cup quarter finals).

“Steve came out to Russia for last year’s World Cup finals and spent a week with the squad out there. He was helping to advise us and did an amazing presentation on opponents Colombia.
“Steve’s reputation throughout the whole of the FA was, and still is, outstanding. When he came out and helped with the senior team in Russia the transition that he made from managing the under-17s was easy for him.
"The presentation he gave to Gareth Southgate and the technical staff was first class.’’

Surely no-one can convince me this time that these things are just random.
The FA must have been wanting him to advise and teach at these things because they new he had what it takes.
Teaching and advising during the coaching badges training is one thing, but being flown out to Russia to advise the national team manager is a major deal and must show that he has some enviable expertise that many people can learn from.

Can only be good for the future of our players.'s the link to the article
[Post edited 7 Jul 2019 11:02]
Stoke ostracise eight
at 19:35 4 Jul 2019

"Stoke City manager Nathan Jones has told eight players they will not join the first team when they fly to Holland for the club’s pre-season tour this weekend, Sky Sports News has learned.

Among the ostracised group is club-record signing Gianni Imbula, who Stoke paid £18.3m for just two years ago, Bojan, Kevin Wimmer, Geoff Cameron and Mame Biram Diouf.

Moritz Bauer, Julien Ngoy and Erik Pieters complete the list of eight who have been told not to join up with the club."

Anyone know why they've done that?
Maybe it will give us a bit of insight into why Jeff and Borja were left behind? Although this seems different.
"16 of the 28 players currently in Spain have come through the Swans' academy...
at 19:13 4 Jul 2019

...or featured for the Under-23s.

That's fuking class!
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