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Take The Ball, Pass The Ball. The story of the greatest football team ever.
at 00:54 10 Jul 2019

Fuk me, this blew me away.
Pep says that the way you play is more important than results...
get that right and the results will come.

I know this is way ahead of our level, but we need to think in these ways. We need to not think about the result of that 90 minutes and think about the result of years in the future.
Pep Guardiola is a genius.

Amazon Prime.
Coopie's expertise.
at 11:01 7 Jul 2019

I remember pointing out when we appointed him that he has been at various seminars and giving speeches to people doing their coaching badges, basically helping teach the new managers etc. about tactics and stuff.
Jasper told me that it wasn't anything special, as they will ask just about anyone to do that and it wasn't because he had any special skills.

I don't know much about that type of thing, so I agreed that could be the case, but still thought there was more to it.

Then I read this new article from Margetson, who talks about the time Cooper was sent out to Russia to advise Southgate and the England coaching team on the Colombia match. (am match England won to take them to the World Cup quarter finals).

“Steve came out to Russia for last year’s World Cup finals and spent a week with the squad out there. He was helping to advise us and did an amazing presentation on opponents Colombia.
“Steve’s reputation throughout the whole of the FA was, and still is, outstanding. When he came out and helped with the senior team in Russia the transition that he made from managing the under-17s was easy for him.
"The presentation he gave to Gareth Southgate and the technical staff was first class.’’

Surely no-one can convince me this time that these things are just random.
The FA must have been wanting him to advise and teach at these things because they new he had what it takes.
Teaching and advising during the coaching badges training is one thing, but being flown out to Russia to advise the national team manager is a major deal and must show that he has some enviable expertise that many people can learn from.

Can only be good for the future of our players.'s the link to the article
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Stoke ostracise eight
at 19:35 4 Jul 2019

"Stoke City manager Nathan Jones has told eight players they will not join the first team when they fly to Holland for the club’s pre-season tour this weekend, Sky Sports News has learned.

Among the ostracised group is club-record signing Gianni Imbula, who Stoke paid £18.3m for just two years ago, Bojan, Kevin Wimmer, Geoff Cameron and Mame Biram Diouf.

Moritz Bauer, Julien Ngoy and Erik Pieters complete the list of eight who have been told not to join up with the club."

Anyone know why they've done that?
Maybe it will give us a bit of insight into why Jeff and Borja were left behind? Although this seems different.
"16 of the 28 players currently in Spain have come through the Swans' academy...
at 19:13 4 Jul 2019

...or featured for the Under-23s.

That's fuking class!
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What would you do with the players out of contract next year?
at 11:01 2 Jul 2019

Difficult decisions to be made.
12 players who are now into their final year.
Some are on high wages and need to be flogged ASAP. Some have under-performed so may not get a new contract offer. Some may need to be signed up to keep their value. Some need to be signed up ASAP.

Here's what I think...

Jordan Ayew and Borja need no discussion. Flog the barstewards immediately please.

GKs Mulder and Nordfeldt:
Not easy to decide here. They have both under-performed, but both have potential to become good keepers with our new coaching setup.
I think maybe the best bet here is to see how they go this season and sign up the one who makes the biggest improvement (if that is significant) and release the other, or possibly both.
This tactic is obviously steeped in danger, as if the player with 12 months left has heck of a season, they would be liable to leaving on a free instead of us being able to cash in on them. Can't really see that happening with these two fukers though.

OK, so many fans have issues with KN. I think he's decent at this level. Reasonably versatile and seems willing to help out where needed.
I'd give him a 1 year extension, depending on how much he's earning. I guess he will have to take a bit of a pay cut, which he may not be chuffed about and may alert other clubs.
1 year extension from me, but he'll probably leave on a free.

Long term servant to the club. Good for the young players. Can still do a job, especially in this division. Again, would probably need to take a pay cut to sign new contract, but I think he's more likely to do so than others.
1 year extension with possibility of a coaching role at the end of it.

Clearly wants to stay and helped the club. Trev has said theres a possibility of him having a coaching role in future, so I'm sure he will stay, be it in a player role or not, if he struggles this season. I can see him doing well again and we'll need him to continue playing as long as possible. Probably not one to worry about in terms of having to get the offer done and dusted sooner rather than later, so not an issue.
Depending on how he does this season, I would offer him another 1 year extension.

We need to sign this guy up ASAP. Another good season and there will definitely be more clubs looking at him in January. Whether it be to maximise what we can recoup for him if we sell, or just make sure he doesn't leave on a free, this is essential.
I'm not sure what he's earning in wages, but I seem to remember it being pretty low.
If we can get him to sign in line with our wage structure (probably make him among our top earners) I'd give him a longer contract to show how much we want him here.
3 year contract ASAP!

Injury prone. Plenty of promise, but not much end product. Probably higher wages than most of the rest, so for these reasons I would not offer him a new contract. There is a risk he will have a good season and will then leave for free, but with all the inconsistencies, I think that's worth the risk and if he does have a good season it will benefit us this year and give him and us the chance of a new start next year. Good luck for this season Tom, but no contract from me. Cheers.

Young players:
Dhanda should get an extension purely due to their promise I think. Obviously Cooper is an expert on the youngsters, so I'll trust his judgement, but I think he will get another chance to impress.
2 year extension on low wage.
CBR has struggled to make an impact and I don't see as much promise here. Again, Cooper is the man who can see this better, but personally I wouldn't offer him a new contract and would release him when it ends, unless there is some significant progress this season.
If we don't sign anyone...
at 11:11 1 Jul 2019

Hopefully we can get a few new players in before the deadline is up, but let's suggest we don't sign anyone. What do we have and how well could they do?

I'm going to discard the names that are on "crippling" wages, as they will almost definitely be sold/loaned out.

It's known that Cooper prefers a 433 or 4141, so lets have a look.

Not too bad. Hopefully Benda will get his chance if the other two stutter, as predicted.

Not ideal, but workable. Personally I'd prefer to see Naughton here with Govea getting some games.

Not ideal either. Not sure we have a decent RB in the u23 ready for action? Could be workable, if Connor gets crocked Naughts could fill in and Govea/Grimes on the left for a bit.

As previously discussed, we are pretty well stocked here. Hopefully one of the u23s could make their mark if we get any injuries.

As we know, Grimes excelled here last term. He will do the job. Not an ideal sub in Fulton, but he can do the job if needed. Not sure who the defensive u23 is?

Byers and either of the other three here. I know Carroll has been shit recently, but he may just step up to the plate with a new manager etc. We also have Fulton and some decent prospects here. Think we should be OK.

Happy that we have plenty of takers for this position.

I've put these all together, as most can and will switch from their preferred wing. Plenty here. Not bad.

Plenty to choose from here. I've kept Baston here, as there is a chance he won't go and could be a benefit to us.

So to round up. If we don't sign anyone, it's surely going to be a difficult season, however we do have numbers in all positions, apart from maybe fullbacks. I'm sure Jasper can tell us what we have coming through the academy in those positions.
I still think we have the quality to do OK. Probably not challenge for top 6, but definitely stay up.
Perfect chance for more of our young players to get a chance, and arguably in better circumstances, with the confidence of what their mates did last season and a proper young person's manager to guide them.

I would obviously like some signings, but I am still confident on a promising season with the squad we have.
If we can finish mid table and get a good foundation to work on and some confidence in our u23s coming through, surely we can sort our finances out by next season and push on fully.

Like I said before, I'd be happy with a 20th place finish, beating the scum twice, blooding some new youngsters and seeing the players getting used to Cooper's approach and systems.
It may not be the best outcome, but I reckon we shouldn't necessarily be judging results this season, rather progress.
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Any fishermen here?
at 09:38 28 Jun 2019

I am off down to Llansteffan for the night and thought I'd get the rods out for the first time in years. Probably going to try some lures and do a bit of spinning.
Any ideas where to go down there?

Sorry, I accidentally put this in the football only threads
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The Swansea Way (Feature length special)
at 17:27 25 Jun 2019

An hour long documentary of last season.
Anyone seen it yet?
Cue DJ bidding war :)
at 17:22 4 Jun 2019

Monaco apparently interested
Parking a van near Llangennith/Rhosilli
at 16:02 25 May 2019

Right then ladies and gents...

Anyone know if there's anywhere within a mile or so of Llangennith where I can park a van? Maybe even a layby or free car park or bit of wasteland?
just checked the Hillend prices and I'm not paying £26 a night. That's crazy!

Thanks in advance you lovely buggers
Cheap Derby tickets wanted
at 14:32 30 Apr 2019

Anyone want rid of their tickets for tomorrow?
I'm a student, so get tickets cheap tickets anyway, but my mate wants to come so was looking for a couple of bargains.
Switch from zonal marking
at 00:40 30 Apr 2019

I didn't watch the game Saturday, as I was away, so this is the first I've seen of GPs change in tactics when it comes to defending corners.
Someone mentioned it to me and I may have seen something said in another thread, but not sure.

I think this shows how GP and the boys HAVE been working on things in training and most definitely are trying to learn from their mistakes.
I've heard a lot on here chastising how no-one is learning and Potter should be doing something about it.
Well they obviously have been working hard in training to plan how they can stop our crazy set piece stats and are trying something new. I know there will be plenty of "about effing time" posts, but really, what's the rush? It may seem like a simple change from zonal to man2man marking being professional footballers and all that, but to get this done right there must have been weeks, if not months of trial and error, testing and practice.
It seems like they are well drilled in who's got what job and I like the change.
The article only shows two corners, but they dealt with them (just). Time will tell if it works.

All in all, a very positive move, as many managers are hell bent on 'their' style and won't adapt. GP has shown all season that he's more than willing to change tact and try new things. Some say tinkering, I say testing.

GP and the players are all learning together. This is fuking great to see. Everything is always moving forward, small step by small step. And tbh, I've felt this from the very first game of the season. We are moving forward and we are improving. It would have been nice to get in the playoffs this year, but like I said before, what's the rush? As long as we continue to move forward it doesn't matter how long it takes. I can't wait for next season!
Swansea u23 players have played over 4000 minutes more than any other club...
at 19:19 25 Apr 2019

That's a big margin. Especially still being within a whisker of the playoffs. Plenty of potential. Feels good being top of the league for something else :)
Keep or sell? Poll
at 19:41 24 Apr 2019

I was actually quite surprised with how many of our squad I voted to keep. Be interesting to see these results. Get on it girls and boys.
Who are you voting for this year? I'm sure Grimes will be popular. I've gone Oli
at 14:05 23 Apr 2019

Who are you voting for this year? I'm sure Grimes will be popular. I've gone Oli

Your Vote:

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Here's the official voting page
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Positive sounds coming from within...
at 13:43 23 Apr 2019

Not sure if this is a ferdie, but can't find anything anywhere about these two articles anywhere on here, which is strange, as to me they are some of the most positive things I've heard for a while.
Personally I think they are both very important and at least show some of the loyalty and hope our manager and players have, and helps me look forward to next season with more hope.

In the first article may have gone a bit over the top about GP showing some emotion after Rotherham game, but I noticed it at the time and it was nice to see. I also like the quotes Potter has previously said in the press which help me feel some security around keeping him at the helm for as long as possible and creating some stability at this club.
"He appears to be here for the project he constantly refers to. About building a future and being here for the long term, he said this week: “Well, it’s better than being sacked!
“I think that’s how you should be. I enjoyed my time in Sweden. It was stable and we made progress and I’m looking forward to doing the same here.
“I’m happy here and I’ll do my best as long as I’m here.”

The second article encapsulates my opinion the importance of keeping Oli at the club. Not only is he a key player on the pitch, but he's outspoken, loyal, hard-working and hopefully influential among the younger players. I hope the Yanks take note of his words about the academy also. Some massive comments from him imo.
"But McBurnie - who took his goal tally to 21 for the season with a brace against Rotherham - says it's vital that the Swans keep hold of their talented youngsters.
"I’ve told the boys they have to stay here," said the Scot.
"When you have good young players who are performing well there is going to be interest and rumours, but all the boys are focused on finishing this season as strong as possible."
"We all love the gaffer, the staff, and the way we play. In the last few games you can see how attractive the football we’ve been playing is. As a player that’s what you want and it’s an attractive proposition to stay.
"It’s vital we keep our players. The whole point of the club spending so much money on the academy is to bring players through.
"We have countless players in our team who have come through the academy and that’s the point of it."
"There are clubs going to be sniffing around, but the players want the security of staying here.
"If the club wants to keep going forward it has to keep its best young players. That’s vital at any club.
"There are boys who have been performing outstandingly which means they will naturally attract interest.
"If you look at the way DJ (James) has been playing he’s been untouchable which will always get noticed. It’s down to the club."
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