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Twitter ShadowBanned
at 17:51 9 Aug 2018

Anyone else shadow banned on twitter today interesting times ahead
What is happening
at 20:56 24 Jan 2017

Liverpool are in the race to sign a Nigerian winger and a Falkirk defender,

just what the lumping fudge are our renowned sco(u)ts doing in Burnslandia
SellOuts Sob Story
at 18:39 3 Dec 2016

When do they get this started with wathan et al.

We sold in good faith, they did not deliver what they promised etc etc
To The Trust Board
at 21:24 20 Oct 2016

Make sure you all have something very sharp to drink tonight. Deep breath and reflect on things
It takes some courage to say what has been said tonight!

'And so it is that we go again'
at 18:21 4 Oct 2016

cutting edge technology! a mouse and keyboard doth not be cutting edge

The Savoy in Burton next year anyone!
Official Has Huw turned off his mobile for good Thread
at 19:17 1 Aug 2016

No sight
No sound

oh well! in the bleak mid winter.......
Players Awards Night
at 18:22 16 Apr 2016

Just a thought everyone

Will there be past and present Directors going to this event this year!

Should be a fun night
I am
at 16:41 21 Jan 2016

However did we manage all those years ago!
fugh me there are a few in there that are just a tad ironic!

I am a pro footballer - best i crack on unlike the start of the season
I am a coach - best i start coaching better than stealing a living
I am a director - best i try not to sell my shares to someone who has no idea who we are as a club

fugh me

I do not need a fughing video to remind me who I am! The employees of the club got the club in this situation! best they crack the fugh on and get themselves out of it
Jordi Gomez
at 14:39 9 Nov 2014

Our great friend JG up to his antics again against ol Uncle Bobster
Tom Ince
at 12:32 30 Oct 2014

That is all
Official Late Kick off Crowd Access Statement
at 20:15 26 Aug 2014

In order to provide clarity for supporters, the club is happy to release an access breakdown for tonights game

There were:
12,157 successful scans
587 rejected scans

Of the 587 rejected scans:

96 were due to Ticketmaster not knowing who Rotherham were
163 were ‘wrong event’. Stupid Jacks bastuds thinking it was West Brom in the League
6 were ‘already in the ground’. Due to Dai and Glenys from Birchgrove printing off tickets and selling them in the Rising Sun
13 were people trying to enter on an exit scan.This included the ref and his/her assistants.
141 match tickets that were ‘reprinted’. as John the Press from Gorseinon put too much ink in the Bubble Jet when printing off for the members of the Brighton Road
97 were people who were trying to enter on an old Season Ticket which was invalid as they were the ones the club stupidly printed in Blue
143 were simply refugees from Bali that had lost their way

Once again, thank you for your cooperation and patience and we will continue to inform supporters of any ongoing developments especially if the office calculator which Huw took home to calculate this years dividend for the board goes on the blink again .

Ignorance is not Bliss but it sure is Funny
at 11:01 18 Aug 2014

So surely as first games of the season go it does not get much better. An away win at the home of the 20 times Champions of the EPL. All the pre match nerves, all the shouting at the telly as if the players can hear you. They all seemed so worthwhile a superb start for Garry and the club and good on them and long may it continue.
Just say sorry
at 13:43 14 Aug 2014

We have now offically entered the realm of corporate bullsh**.
Please Release Me Let Me Go....
at 17:45 13 Jul 2014

Did ol Humpers have this age old problem on his mind when he sang his famous ditty! at last It's arrived, the silly season when grown adults go into meltdown as their Fave player may leave the club even though the player cares not a jot about them. With English interest of the WC now over, the attention of the meeja and all the football world has soon swung to the good old transfer window and the edifice of modern day slavery in action.
That Was The Squad That Was
at 21:36 22 Jun 2014

So nearly half way through the World Cup, England are out already and so attention start to turn to 2014/15. The fixtures are out, the kit is out, the sponsors announced all before the WC ends is the normality that the Chairman spoke about at the time of Laudrup's sacking playing out I think so.
CSA/CMS Changes
at 20:53 2 Jun 2014

If you have to go through the above you may or may not know that everything changes at the end of this year. See below an independent assessment on what it might mean in certain circumstances

Hope it helps

Hi *****************************

I’m ****, the Child Maintenance Options Consultant.

Thank you for your post. I’m glad you have raised this subject as there are many changes due to happen shortly.

You’re right in saying the government are introducing the Child Maintenance Service which will eventually replace the Child Support Agency. Other members have posted questions in this thread, so I’ve split out my post to provide as much detail as I can.

Who are the Child Support Agency and Child Maintenance Service
The Child Support Agency and the Child Maintenance Service are both government-run child maintenance schemes that work out, collect and pay out child maintenance to clients in England Wales and Scotland.

The Child Support Agency manages child maintenance cases set up on the 1993 and 2003 schemes.

The Child Maintenance Service manages the new child maintenance scheme, launched in 2012. It will eventually replace the Child Support Agency to leave one single child maintenance scheme.

What’s happening to the CSA?
The CSA will end all of its maintenance arrangements and let parents know their options so they can choose the right kind of arrangement for them.
Paying parents don’t need to do anything until they receive a letter from the CSA about ending their CSA arrangement, although you could start to think now about the types of arrangement you can make. The CSA will explain in more detail what both parents need to do next when they get in touch.

What happens to your existing CSA case?
Paying parents must continue to make payments until their CSA case is closed, as set out in the payment schedule. Also, parents can report any changes of circumstance as normal during this time.

The CSA will let both parents know what the final regular maintenance payment should be.

Paying parents remain responsible for paying any arrears owed and it is in their interest to clear them as soon as possible by paying what they owe to the CSA. Paying parents should continue to make any arrears payments as per their existing agreement until they are told otherwise.

What are the proposed fees and charges for using the Child Maintenance Service?
It’s not law yet but the government plans to introduce fees and charges in March 2014 for Child Maintenance Service clients.
• There will be a one-off fee of £20 for making a new application to the Child Maintenance Service.
People who declare that they are a victim of domestic violence and have reported this to an appropriate person/organisation; or a person under 19 years of age do not have to pay the £20 application fee. But they still have to pay the collection fees for using Collect & Pay.
• For paying parents, a 20 per cent fee is added to each amount of child maintenance the Child Maintenance Service collects from them, if Collect & Pay is used.
• Paying parents are charged a fee even if they miss a payment
• For receiving parents, a 4 per cent fee is taken away from each amount of child maintenance they are due to receive, if Collect & Pay is used
• Receiving parents are only charged a fee when the Child Maintenance Service passes a payment on to them.

There are no plans to apply charges and fees to cases managed by the Child Support Agency.

How can you avoid charges?
The best way to avoid the proposed fees and charges is to set up a family-based arrangement and not use the Child Maintenance Service at all.

A [url= http://]family-based arrangement[/url] is when both parents work together to sort out child maintenance between themselves, without involvement of the Child Maintenance Service.

However, if you and the other parent can’t agree an arrangement between yourselves and you apply to the Child Maintenance Service, you may still be able to avoid paying further charges.

There will be no collection fees for parents who pay and receive child maintenance using Direct Pay. Direct Pay is when the Child Maintenance Service works out the amount of child maintenance a paying parent must pay, but parents agree between themselves how and when payments are made.

If the Direct Pay arrangement breaks down, collection fees will apply if the case moves onto the Collect & Pay arrangement.

The best way to avoid enforcement charges is to pay child maintenance in full and on time.

Direct Pay
Bobbya & dad-i-d - When charging is introduced, either parent can ask to use Direct Pay, but you may not be able to use your preferred option.

• If the paying parent asks for a Direct Pay arrangement but the receiving parent wants to use Collect & Pay, the Child Maintenance Service will look at whether it’s in the child or children’s best interests for Direct Pay to be used
• If the receiving parent asks for a Direct Pay arrangement, the Child Maintenance Service will always set up the case as Direct Pay
• If both parents ask for Collect & Pay to be used the Child Maintenance Service will set the case up as Collect & Pay

Without a good reason – such as proof of previous missed payments – the Child Maintenance Service cannot force the paying parent to use Collect & Pay and therefore incur collection fees

Direct pay and your past payment history in the CSA
The Child Maintenance Service will have information on whether a paying parent has missed CSA payments in the past, because this could affect whether they are able to use the Child Maintenance Service's Direct Pay service. With Direct Pay, there are no collection charges.

So it's important to pay child maintenance in full and on time as per the payment schedule.

There’s an increase in flat rate payments
Actd - at the moment your ex pays you £5 per week. It’s not clear if she is paying the flat rate or not. If she is, then under the Child Maintenance Service this would increase to £7, not £10. If the Collect and Pay Service was used, you would both have to pay the collection charges – this also applies if child maintenance is deducted straight from the paying parent’s benefits.

If she isn’t paying the flat rate, the Child Maintenance Service will calculate her child maintenance payment based on her gross salary.
at 15:13 30 May 2014

We've got Fabianski! So the transfer window has started and unusually for us it has started about 8 weeks before it normally does. HJ is obviously waiting for a last minute deal on Teletext this summer ( yes I know it has finished but does HJ)
Growing Pains
at 18:12 25 May 2014

So the dust has finally settled and I've sobered up for long enough to collect my thoughts on 14/15. On the face of it a third consecutive mid table finish ( oh the haughty anguished cries of those who proclaim I prefer the Championship to mid table mediocrity) .
Well Well Well
at 11:36 5 May 2014

Oh dear not even above us here Olly!

This post has been edited by an administrator
Steve Nostradamus Tucker
at 18:05 27 Apr 2014

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