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Tales Of The Unexpected
at 20:53 18 Feb 2020

On Sky Arts at the moment...(as in this morning). Always liked it...It had a certain mystique...very dark at times (especially the episode today). Sort of went against the grain and was pretty subversive. Will be watching them again as they are shown...

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Coopers Square
at 13:06 6 Feb 2020

13.23 at Doncaster today....5/1

Jenkins 12/1 in the 2.55 at Doncaster
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Phil Cool: Anyone remember him here?
at 14:21 3 Feb 2020

Comedian/Impressionist. Remember finding him quite funny back in the day especially his Rolf Harris & Richie Benaud...and a good one of Hans Hass...the underwater cameraman
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The Prosecutors
at 22:25 20 Jan 2020

Good TV. A few points. Impressed by how many woman shine in it....there have always been superior to us in the workplace. Period, The despair of people on the end of tragedy. And for Darren.....Scousers up to no good with the cash machine heists....

Something for all of us....
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The Vetch at night from Sandfields
at 22:07 18 Jan 2020

Always loved this image of the Vetch at night...pre match,,,great memories
Oli McBurnie: Why he is liked....
at 20:08 13 Jan 2020

Oli McBurnie has been one of the greats for us. His record is second to none...non negotiable. But like many others (who I will list) he transcends an ordinary player into something different. Mostly it's a character thing....these guys are interesting...engaging...and they buy into our club. We like that...they are one of us:
Here's a list I will start but feel free to add..
Oli McBurnie
Angel Rangel
Leon Britton
Lee Trundle
Andy Robinson

Look I have missed a lot...but over to you...
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The Yorkshire Ripper Files - Tonight BBC4
at 10:07 13 Jan 2020

For those who didn't see it the first time's a good watch. A good snapshot of Seventies Britain and it's attitudes and the people affected by the Rippers crimes.
The testimony of the son of Wilma McCann...his first victim...was particularly moving if I remember.
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Andre Ayew's Instagram points to Turkey move...
at 16:50 7 Jan 2020
I've posted a few things tonight.....
at 20:33 14 Dec 2019

One conclusion: How thick are we going to get as a without without a conscious for our fellow self centred. "I'm alright Jack"....who long as it doesn't effect me. Good luck in the next couple of years...because it's going to be shit...real shit for ordinary people..
It's brutal...but after 30 years of elections
at 18:55 14 Dec 2019

It's all about self opposed to the greater good. People are selfish...."what's in it for me" is always quoted...and it's spot on. I have had friends over the years....and I look at them...invariably with children..doing the "anything at all costs" road. It's society as we know it now. That is just the workplace...

And it's comical.....because they wont tell anyone...until they draw the curtain back in the polling booth....
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Gareth Bale: UK Election
at 15:04 13 Dec 2019

Can anyone let Gareth know that Boris Johnson is still the Prime Minister...just thinking like...
Championship 'bubble waiting to burst'
at 16:48 12 Dec 2019

Championship 'bubble waiting to burst' with clubs posting record losses in Premier League 'gamble'
Chris Davies case at the moment...
at 07:25 10 Dec 2019

He seems just like the Tory c$nt I imagined him to be. Rancid individual...

False expenses MP Chris Davies's office manager suffered 'bullying' -
It's him again...
at 22:48 7 Dec 2019


Pride of Sports Awards: Gareth Thomas in tears as parents surprise him -
at 16:21 1 Dec 2019

Turned up at the Airport to board our weekend flight to Bayonne with Ryanair to find it was cancelled. The missus was fuming but I told her it was all part of the tapestry of life...
We are going backwards...
at 21:22 29 Nov 2019

At a rate of knots......tried to shut it out in some sort of self denial....awful. Fulham just laughed at was so easy....
They have been in our box twice in the first half...and scored both times
at 20:43 29 Nov 2019

Potter signs new contract until 2025....
at 16:38 26 Nov 2019

Watch the rot set in now.....He'll be gone by the end of the season....
Dag Hammarskjold: Cold Case Documentary on BBC Four tonight
at 23:28 25 Nov 2019

Anyone watch it? Thought it was pretty eye opening...(although it was naive to think it wasn't)
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Bob Monkhouse: The Last Stand
at 09:38 21 Nov 2019

BBC Four tonight at 21.00. A must watch for anyone interested in comedy.....very very good

Cameras capture the quiz show host and comedian in the summer of 2003 - just months before his death - as he entertains a room full of fellow comics with stand-up, chat and a masterclass in his craft. The night became the stuff of legend among comedians, but was never transmitted in full until recently
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