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Hull City away
at 20:55 20 Sep 2015

Decent amount of tickets sold, but I've got a bit of a feeling about this one.
at 23:56 19 Sep 2015

No Montero run and shot with the keeper tipping it over the bar.
Surely worth inclusion.
Diego Costa
at 22:54 19 Sep 2015

Can't believe he gets away with it every week, horrible cnt.
Placing dickheads on ignore !
at 22:23 19 Sep 2015

Highly recommended.
David Marshall sending off for the scum
at 21:38 19 Sep 2015

Surely wasn't a red card ?
The toughest away games for Swansea
at 11:27 13 Sep 2015

Have to be -


And not -

Man Utd
Man City

Surely Monk can do something about this ?
Refugees ? (2)
at 09:37 12 Sep 2015

Why has the thread been locked ?

The discussion around whether they were or were not is under way with Lord Bony ading a valid point.
Refugees ?
at 20:21 11 Sep 2015

This video clip comes from Germany today.
It involves fights between Turkish Kurds and nationalists.
They are bringing their war to the European streets some are saying.

Is the UK next ?

The cost for policing this will be millions.

You've got to laugh at them up the road (2)
at 12:28 9 Sep 2015

Can you believe the smell of pure bullshit seeping out of Anus's anus.
He claims his book Soul Crew 2 has sold 40,000 ! It has 11 reviews on Amazon 😂 And if you read them they have similar footprints. The guy is one barmy fantasist for sure and one this country of ours has ever produced ! I know a journalist fairly well from work we did at his house a year or so back, he states quite clearly that in no way has any Welsh author sold 40,000 copies of any sports book in the past decade, and that includes biographies on top Welsh rugby stars.
I wonder if Anus knows the country laughs at his fantasising bullshit stories ? He has self printed so many fictional tales it's almost as if he needs to re-emphasise their ego just in case anyone forgets.

But we know the truth mucka 👍 As you well know.

They look like the cardiac crew not the soul crew, what a fat joke. 😂
🇬🇧🇬🇧 Do you care if it was legal or not ? 🇬🇧🇬🇧
at 22:42 8 Sep 2015

In defence of our country ?
Just back - Ain't so bad.
at 21:22 6 Sep 2015

Tremendous overnighter with some really good people from PT, Swansea, Newport and Chepstow Jacks. No animosity at all, dickhead failed to show to explain himself to some seriously annoyed Cardiff folk, but then what did everyone expect.

On the football front that result wasn't a bad shout, I would have accepted a point before the game, there is no way Andora will beat Wales, and the Bosnia game is insignificant as a result. However qualification could come much quicker. There seems to be a lot of bandwagon jumping with the national side, but then success does bring in the type of 'fan' who enjoy success and quickly disappear when it gets tricky. A bit of a local trait down there 😂

I'm not certain we will make much of an impact in France next year, but who gives a shit really, the trip and the experience will be superb. Our team isn't that well blessed and as Swans fans we soon get frustrated watching Wales as we are so spoilt watching Swansea. Overall a great atmosphere but a load of empty seats, not sure why, I am sure there will be some excuse. Oh, leave it out, it's only banter, apparently that's ok.

FIFA rankings again
at 10:15 4 Sep 2015

Now some people have got their heads round the fact FIFA rankings actually do benefit the countries seeded regards World Cup and Euro championship seedings and group placement.


Win on Sunday v Israel and Wales guarantee a fourth seeded place. And it could even be second !
[Post edited 4 Sep 2015 10:16]
Cardiff supporting Swansea City
at 06:12 31 Aug 2015

Witnessed today.

Who will 'The Prick Mourinhio ' blame this week ( official thread ) (n/t)
at 16:54 29 Aug 2015

Barnsley goalkeeper v Everton
at 23:13 26 Aug 2015

Have a look at the goals he let in, was he trying ?
10,174 for a league cup game v York
at 10:27 26 Aug 2015

Excellent turn out last night, I took my lad along and spent time with some friends in the east. Not like a league game admittedly, atmosphere was not the same, you could chat away with people you know and it gave me a different perspective on what superb strength in depth we have. For a lot of York City players this was a cup final, listen to their manager,he explains it well.

On the attendance I don't read any local thoughts to the east of us regards double figures for a game v a league two side, they usually chirp up with some cock waving statements like Saturday v Sunderland forgetting the 83 they took to Middlesboro last season. Cardiff have failed dismally to attract over 6000 in recent cup years, we should be proud of our turn out last night, and I enjoyed the away support as well, they definitely enjoyed themselves.

I'm not sure about Hull away, it has always been a hard place to go to and get a result, and as for travelling jacks, well, at least it gives the teams below us to have another crack about our away support forgetting it's a 700 plus mile return journey on a week night.

Still, as they can't knock our football, there's little else for them to unzip their trousers to.

[Post edited 26 Aug 2015 10:31]
Swansea City U21 v Stoke City : Official Thead
at 14:43 24 Aug 2015

Landore training ground tonight
KO 6.30pm.

Any omissions will be a clue for tomorrow, just in case GM did fancy blooding a few.
Best router for Sky
at 00:24 19 Aug 2015

My old router is four years old, it works but im sure I could get a much better one to increase performance. I know it has to be SKY compatible, but looking on amazon is a minefield. Anyone got a decent router for SKY that was easy to set up etc ?
Official Capital One Cup Round Two thread
at 22:10 13 Aug 2015

SWANSEA CITY will play YORK CITY at home.
[Post edited 13 Aug 2015 22:39]
Gomis & Kenwynne Jones
at 14:28 12 Aug 2015

Now I've heard it all, some moron on the Cardiff City forum believes they are the same sort of player.

Here it is -

geggs_ccfc wrote:
Please no not even on reduced terms. This season it seems that we are trying to play a more entertaining, passing game. All of that is going to go out of the window and we'll start hoofing the ball up in the air all of the time looking for Jones, just like we did for the majority of last season. We will start going backwards again, this would be a bad decision. Jones should play for us now coming off the bench only if we are losing and in need of a goal or even a winner, or if we are winning and because our strikers are losing possession to easily and we need a target man up top to hold the ball, then those are the only times that he should be brought on.


We can still play a passing game with Jones I mean Swansea can do it with Gomis. :thumbright:
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