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WBA Form tonight
at 20:44 20 Jan 2020

If only it was as bad when we played them.
first half they have been dreadful.
Ayew & Celina
at 10:43 20 Jan 2020

Any sales will encourage more asset stripping allegations.
Deal with it.

If the club is serious about promotion they are most certainly required for the next 18 games. That's 36 points. Takes us to 81 points maximum total. I'm not sure that will even win the league.

We have the play offs as a second best, that's another potential 3 games plus severe stress on the squad. Ayew and Celina with what we have is definitely required, the yanks have come this far, spent nothing but through Cooper got in some decent loans.

If they get greedy again we may as well knock it on the head now, leave the decisions until May, see what we have, they could easily be 150 million better off than a greedy grab at 10 or 15.
Let's be honest
at 17:11 13 Jan 2020

They were absolutely terrified of us.
nothing they said after the game was other than...
We didn't lose.
Alm on the TV
at 10:42 10 Jan 2020

Ok, I suppose he has to grow up one day, but it doesn’t half make me smile when you look at his families recent history. He’s annoyed about facial recognition, fck me he’s an ugly bastard, facial recognition not required.
When we used to sign players like garrick, mcburnnie etc
at 13:22 6 Jan 2020

I'm not hearing much these days of young kids coming in to bolster youth, under 18s etc. Much of this was down to Toshack and yes, Huw Jenkins. But now with the products of the reserve system either not good enough or sold where are we with this. If anyone thinks the Yanks aren't selling these products recent transfers are a clue and without replacements to develop I'm not surprised they are being accused of asset stripping.
Birch you clown, you want to save the club?
at 15:55 5 Jan 2020

Then how about a bit of action instead of milking us for half a million a year and keeping the dimwits happy with a free pint.
Jefferson Montero recall?
at 11:59 4 Jan 2020

Would you?
RIP Hendy
at 23:27 3 Jan 2020

For those that know, will know.
RIP Ritchie, top lad, always and forever.
Never went gently.
This link is a thing of extreme beauty
at 21:49 1 Jan 2020

Hilarious 😂🤣
Bloopers reasoning for playing Surridge
at 12:44 1 Jan 2020

On boxing day...
surely he knew he was finished with us?
[Post edited 1 Jan 12:45]
Happy New Year to my new friend BLUEBURP
at 14:50 31 Dec 2019

He has a lovely way with words, keyboard coward sent me a lovely xmas message.

From: Bluebird
To: NotLoyal
Subject: ?
Date: 06:59 - Dec 27 | Delete Msg
Lets do it you swansea kunt.
Urban Spaceman RIP
at 13:19 30 Dec 2019

Deserves his own thread.
Huge Swans fan, loved gardening.
Neil Innes for the uninitiated.
at 23:07 21 Dec 2019

When are we going to see him twist and shout ?
Pace is immense.
Coopers tactics last ten minutes
at 23:01 21 Dec 2019

I wish he wouldn’t put me on edge so much, we could have wrapped it up easily.
That offside in the last couple of minutes would have been an equaliser against better sides.

We have the ability to fck this league properly, just do it.
Birch has gone very quiet ...
at 14:05 12 Dec 2019

I have three well thought out thoughts on why ?

1. He can’t say anything it’s too close to January and he knows we are going to get rid of our best players.

2. He can’t say anything it’s too close to January and he knows we are going to get rid of our best players.

3. He can’t say anything it’s too close to January and he knows we are going to get rid of our best players.

A well thought out thread regards Swansea City
at 14:52 8 Dec 2019

I still need time to digest today, but I am going to be thoughtful once a gym workout has got rid of my initial frustration. Cooper now has a big run of games, the players need to realise this. That’s where I stop for now.
Amazon prime coverage this week.
at 14:26 5 Dec 2019

From a total football point of view they have absolutely nailed it.

The only negative is the usual tools they have as experts.
Green Brigade banned by their club tonight
at 12:25 28 Nov 2019


Bowel movements
at 03:43 28 Nov 2019

Just had a discussion during some down time regards bowel movements, I'm amazed at the cross section of activity round one table of 5 people. One guy goes about once every two days, looks fit, eats a lot of fibre and loves an orange. I'm. Not sure what is normal anymore.
Gary Rhodes
at 13:19 27 Nov 2019

I liked him, was a trailblazer.
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