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Stream codes
at 14:38 16 Jun 2020

I've received mine and the instructions do not work.

When I enter my code, I do not get the "Success" message and it just redirects me to another page.

Has anyone had the same/any joy?
at 16:43 3 Nov 2018

Get him out.

Potter is really starting to annoy me.
at 22:26 23 Oct 2018

This, "put all the players in a bag and play the first eleven names that fall out when shook" really has to stop.

There is no reason behind his decisions whatsoever, and players get dropped when they put out good performances.

The team that finished the game tonight needs to start on Saturday with Rodon back in. We can easily compete around the playoffs if we play our strongest team, and not fart about with arrogant/totally clueless selections like playing Carroll and Naughton in midfield. Hopefully that'll see Carroll back in the u23s for a spell. Absolutely worthless.

Mulder should also be playing, but Nordfeldt's outstanding save has probably given Potter another excuse to play him on Saturday after putting us under pressure countless times yet again with shocking distribution.
Incredible what we've turned into
at 22:46 8 May 2018

The thing that struck home the hardest was how we've just become a completely different team to what we once were.

The only word I can put to it is sad. It was sad to see Fabianski with ball in hand on so many occasions to see us launch it in desperation to players who had absolutely no hope, dare I say desire to win the ball.

We used to be able to roll the ball out to Rangel who would always have options open and we would be able to work our way up to the opposition box with ease.

We've completely blown this and we are rotten to the core. Just sad.
The Sockless One
at 16:52 30 Dec 2017

Well done, kiddo.

Led from the front by example with clever, clever play. Bravo.
[Post edited 30 Dec 2017 16:54]
In November, Kurt Zouma had more shots on target than the Swans
at 10:39 30 Nov 2017


Jack Cork
at 18:49 11 Sep 2016

Can someone try to explain to me the reasoning for Jack Cork getting the armband? It should have been given to Gylfi the second he signed his extension.

Cork is going to be harder to drop now he is captain. He is prone to the dip in form and he was sloppy again today.
This sitting back b*****s...
at 16:06 28 Feb 2016

This is the Premier League; do they really expect us to stay up using these tactics? The shots on goal stats are embarrassing.

We are offering nothing at the moment; absolutely nothing and it's only going to end in tears.
Kyle Bartley captained my Swans today.
at 14:25 10 Jan 2016

What a time to be alive.

In all seriousness; I want this guy out of football. It makes me sick to the stomach that he is robbing a living out of this game and our club.
Relegation battle it is.
at 16:55 7 Nov 2015

Monk has lost his balls; or his marbles.

That's 9 nine games without a goal for Gomis. And he WILL NOT drop him; nor take him off for Eder with more than 15 mins remaining.

We look utterly clueless at the moment. And it's not going to change with Monk seemingly blind to the blatantly obvious.
Free signed ball to a swans collector
at 18:46 25 Aug 2014

Just going through some stuff my parents were about to throw out because I've flown the nest and I came across a signed ball from the 2000/2001/2002 area.

When I was younger I waited outside the vetch for all the players at that time to sign it so it's free to a good home if anyone is collecting.

I can make out some signatures but I've forgotten the rest.

Roger Freestone
Walter Boyd
David Romo
Jason Smith
Steve Watkin

The whole squad is on there just can't make out their signatures.

Drop me a message if you want it because it'll only be thrown if not!
New ticket scanners
at 14:36 9 Aug 2014

If there was ever a club that could actually make things slower when trying to improve things it's us.

Reading Highlights
at 10:41 3 Aug 2014

Laudrup appointed manager of...
at 13:48 1 Jul 2014

CONFIRMED - Moyes Sacked
at 08:35 22 Apr 2014
If anyone's worried about Michu wanting to leave...
at 15:57 24 Feb 2014

Winter Olympics Ice Hockey
at 15:33 21 Feb 2014

USA v Canada on at 17.00 for anyone interested.

Should be a cracker.
Selling an Xbox 360 Slim 250gb with GTA V
at 10:24 27 Jan 2014

I'm looking to sell my Xbox Slim with GTA 5 and Skyrim.

I thought I would still be playing this even though I have the Xbox One but I haven't so it's going on eBay this week. I'm open to offers.

Comes with one controller, HDMI, wifi built in, original box and it's in great condition. Not a mark on it and still runs silent.
Short Corners.
at 19:56 11 Jan 2014


We attempted three short corners this evening and ended up in our own box within 30 seconds.
Looking to get my first dog
at 16:54 6 Jan 2014

Hi all,

Looking to get my first dog with the other half and thought I'd ask on here for some advice before diving in.

We're looking to give a home to this guy:

What I want to know is if we're biting off more than we can chew for our first dog. I know these guys need a lot of stimulation, I'm not worried about that part because he will be taken out at least twice a day, sometimes even three when my parents come over to take him out aswell.

I work 8-4 and the other half works shifts, we've got the parents to come up on the afternoons where there'll be the extended time that both of us are in work, is this enough to keep him happy?

Also, how much room do these size dogs actually need. I have a smallish 3 bedroom but a large ground floor with a big living room which is connected to a conservatory which I'm tempted to let him have and move the table elsewhere.

Also, in the ad they mention that they have no papers, is this something I should be concerned about?

Thanks in advance!
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