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Leaving the board for good tonight.....
at 17:14 18 Dec 2016

What with threads on here about what the Romans ever did for us and deserving relegation, it's getting me down and making 3PM every Saturday (plus other days the team play), even worse.

I've followed this team since I was 12, met my other half by following the Swans in our promotion season, been through all the ups and downs, was there at the old Vetch in 2003 during that fateful day we stayed up, which really was the start of our rise before the current latest fall. As you can see, this club are a huge part of my life and seeing them fall apart like an over dunked biscuit, while reading stuff on here, isn't helping.

My comment about arguing in the internet was stupid and only made because I don't use my real name on here or post photos of myself, I just wanted to stir things up a bit and didn't think much before I posted it, if Darran said it, im sure he would get the verbal thrashing he deserve, then it would blow over and he would realise how stupid he was, especially since we all know what he looks like.

Moving back to the point of discussion, before I sign off for good, I make one small request.... don't be afraid to tell those useless cowards how you feel, let's bring back those guts and attitude that drove Petty out of town, we did it then and it don't mean we can't do it again!!!!. I'll still be there in any protests taking place wanting this club back as much as you all do. Let's get it on Sky, BT Sport and banners alongside chants given the coverage it needs!!!.

The City of Swansea has been kicked in the groin for too long and im not standing for it, especially since the football club is no longer ours and the one everybody had as their first or second team.

Goodbye, over and out. Next year I'm leaving the country with the other half to move to Ireland, but whatever league we are in, I'll still be a supporter of SCFC.
Getting a vasectomy.....
at 18:26 24 Sep 2016

..... less painful than the remainder of our season will be I bet!
I have decided that I don't like driving anymore....
at 18:05 24 Sep 2016

Is it just me?. Everyone on the roads is so aggressive, everyone thinks they're more important than everyone else, and are in more of a rush than everyone else, it just terrifies me.

Are they purposely trying to intimidate people or what?. I had a white van right up behind me today, "encouraging" me to get out of his way, drivers keeping close behind me too much for comfort while behind lights, only for me to move forward to create a gap, then they edge forward every time also!, then there's people pulling out of junctions, as they can't be bothered waiting for a space so pull halfway across the road, blocking the traffic but they're far more important than everyone else, people who drive down bus lanes then push in at the front because they're more important than everyone else, young lads tear-arse around the streets thinking they're invincible.

I'm not at the stage yet where I'd avoid going out because of it, but I don't think it will be long. I've been driving 4 years now, and I've never felt like this until recently. Is it just me, is it a sign I'm not cut out for it?. If it weren't for the busses here being inadequate, I'd take them, but I feel just as intimidated on those too (maybe I'm getting old instead?).

Tell me I'm not alone!.
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Based on the idea....
at 23:35 22 Apr 2016

.... there are always England matchday threads, with the basis that they are a UK Union team, let's make threads based on this logic every time Scotland and Northern Ireland play every time also!!!. Let's throw a Gibraltar match day thread into this also.

The fact you only see England threads on international break, with the exception of the Wales ones, makes me want to no longer post here. Team England are a gloried mid-table Premier League side anyway, or an English Players Premier League XI anyway.

Jamie Vardy, lost all respect for him
So, that's that then....
at 23:16 2 Jan 2016

.... call me any name under the sun after letting that joke of a so-called "White Pele" granny shagger score such an easy goal against us, but I just cannot see any way out of this dark tunnel. It's all very well and good playing well, but we have to win and defend properly let alone get a manager and extra striker.

This isn't Rugby where bonus points are given for narrow losses, this club has to respect itself and climb the table. At this rate, two brothers at two different clubs will go down.

We need a new manager, yet Fulham already got theirs and our board are still dithering, then there's the 3 million pay off to Monk, which has eaten into our budget for the upcoming window. According to Company Check, a Companies House related site, we are 11 million in debt. Anybody can use that site to see any companies financial standing, no subscription or fee needed.

I just can't see us getting the personnel needed to avoid this decline. I have fears we will be in League 1 in 5-10 years time, while so-called supporters will be tearing down goal posts in protest and chanting "OUT!" slogans. Either that, or we will be like Blackburn, Fulham or Bolton with Adidas dropping us only to wear sh***y Macron. It's even getting to a point I am privately mocking the club to soften the blows.

All in all, I am getting increasingly angry at how things have fallen apart. We were once a well-run club, the best in the league, but not anymore. I just want my club back to being everyone's second team, just where did it all go wrong?. I don't want joke teams coming to our ground.

Man United can go do one, as well as Van Gaal and their stupid American shirt sponsor, never seen a Chervolet anywhere outside the US.

Still, when we went up, we were not made welcome by the snobby fans who said the league is English, not forgetting those Man City fans before our debut match. So that's one thing I won't miss.
Man United do us NO favours!!
at 01:09 20 Dec 2015

All despite 20 league titles, they always lose when we want them to beat the team's below us, while today is no exception!.

Man United 2-3 Blackburn
Wigan 1-0 Man United
Bournemouth 2-1 Man United

Now the latest

Man United 1-2 Norwich!.

They always goof, everytime we want them to help us!. I loathe them anyways, so this makes it all worse; they never win when we want them to!.

I used to laugh at their demise, not so much now. Karma's a biatch.
If we do go down
at 03:09 6 Dec 2015

How do you see the future of this club?.

Possible promotion at the first time of asking?, mid table every season and no chance of coming back?, back to back relegations like Wolves?, relegation scraps? or back-to-back Play-Off disappointments?.

I definetly do not see the first scenario happening at all, we just don't have the resources for it. If we do return to the Championship, how will you cope watching us playing teams like Birmingham, Reading and Brentford who half the world have never heard of?. Then there's the prospect of Kelly Cates on Channel 5, more commercial breaks than a Kit-Kat, SkyBet badges on our sleeves and drap away trips to tin-roofed sheds. I've been trying to accept the worse, I really have, but it hasn't honestly been doing me much good.

I've been wanting Aston Villa to go down for a few seasons now, cos they keep staying up when it looks like they're going, while bringing zero entertainment to the league, now it looks like the season it'll happen to them, my team look like bloody joining them!.

All I want for Christmas is three points.
It's incredible how the tables can turn so quickly....
at 19:03 5 Dec 2015

.... there were supporters of other clubs wishing they could be more like us, now all of a sudden it's the other way round and we were saying that about Stoke earlier in the day.

To think we were glad we were not like them with their hoofball tactics, now this.

This season we have done sweet FA apart from turn up against United and were lucky not to lose to Sunderland. Ever since the Watford loss, we've been getting either 1,2 or no shots on target at all and that's simply shocking and summing up alongside the results how bad we are. At one point today it was 64 percent possession and 2-0 down with no shots on target. Absolutely pathetic display all round.

Monk needs to go, or get rid of that offensive coach who has no idea. If worse comes to worse, I fear a fire sale of Alania proportions even before relegation happens.

I can't even cope with the thought of us in that Mickey Mouse league next season :(
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Number of clean sheets Fab has kept since.....
at 17:43 7 Nov 2015

.... conceding against Gibraltar...... NONE!!!.

I've written this season off as far as it being memorable and a top 10 finish is concerned. It's a relegation slug-out now and if we won't pull our socks up, we're going down.

Just what has happened!?, we started off so well, but ever since beating Man United, it's all gone pear shaped. Toothless Swans Lose again!?, yeah that's quite the right word to describe this team!.

"Doing a Leeds" as far as a season falling apart after beating Man United at this rate.

Supporting this team through the thick and thin isn't fun when it's going sh*t, as there's nothing there to give you any hope the barren run will end. All our wins have been against teams in more trouble than us. Losing to two newly promoted sides says it all really.

If we go down, I'm going to really hate it, going to those joke grounds and rubbish teams, not forgetting a bubble trip down the road. We won't go back up either, we will end up like Fulham or Blackburn, not Hull who always have had a chance to go back up.

I love this club just as much as the next fan, racking up miles in fuel and train tickets alongside hotels to away trips and I hate what's happening.
[Post edited 7 Nov 2015 17:48]
How can anybody on here support England!?.
at 18:13 23 Jun 2015

They laugh at the other "Home Nations" not qualifying for a major tournament in a long time, only to convince themselves that's why they're disliked, then say that increasing the number of teams who can qualify, as taking away the difficulty of it, when they always win their qualifying groups anyway, so it's none of their concern, yet still wonder why they're seen as arrogant also.

On top of all that, their selectors always ignore our players and keep Shelvey as an unused sub (which is as far as that lot bothering with us is going to go) against San Marino of all teams, when they could have given him a run-out.

I have no problem with the women's team, them winning the World Cup would p*ss Darran's legend "Wazza" and his goons to something chronic!.
Arsenal away tickets....
at 19:54 25 Feb 2015

.... just a few questions.

Do they sell fast for away fans?, also would renewing my JA account to ensure I get a ticket a good idea?. Last time at the Emirates, did we sell all our allocation and if so, did it sell out fast?.

One last question!, are there many good places nearby for away fans to get a drink?.

Thanks in advance!.
Christmas "telly"...
at 19:36 27 Dec 2014

... what's everyone's opinion on this?.

it's just the same old, same old formula every year. The "hour special" treatments given to Dr Who, Call the Midwife, Miranda and then the parasites speech, with a headache-inducing Pixar film thrown in, alongside the usual reminder how rubbish music has been the past 12 months, thanks to the unwelcome Top of the Pops Christmas episode. Then on top of that the possible "classic series" such as The Royle Family given the Christmas treatment, alongside the rubbish soap storylines, made worse, followed by the Swans being last on MOTD.

The TV executives must think we're thick if they think we're prepared to sit on our ar$es and watch that cr*p!.
F**k England....
at 23:29 15 Nov 2014

Every time they play, ITV keep playing that Verve song that is credited to Mick Jagger, think windmill turbines are a symbol of English culture, arse-lick their national stadium when it has no atmosphere (won't be seeing Foo Fighters there, I'll be in Sunderland) and always make annoying Gabriel Clarke narrated films, while Chiles and his goons are in a small cubby hole situated in the stadium talking out their ar$e ends.

Then when the game is played, they commentate as if they're world beaters. Their shirts are the worse I've ever seen also, typical cheap Nike-Umbro crap made in Manchester . Why the 3 Lions shield is so huge on that I'll never know, we keep our FA symbol subtle.

Got a good mind to find an England shirt, and wipe my ar$e with it, before ripping the badge off. Stupid badge also, looks like the coat of arms of Hastings, a sh*tty dump down.
[Post edited 15 Nov 2014 23:35]
Don't feed the trolls....
at 13:39 15 Nov 2014

.... As it's yet another international break, there will be no doubt DYSS and his goons will be clogging this forum up with their pro-England cr@p, or as I like to call them "The Premier League English players (excluding players from the only Welsh team in it, but leave them on the bench otherwise) select XI".

He only comes on here and starts it off to rial us up, we reply to it and it's what he wants only to keep coming back because of the reaction he knows he will get, he loves it.

Therefore, either join me in putting him on your ignore lists or just don't reply and let him talk to himself, he'll soon get bored and stop his jingolism.

As soon as that "ITV SPORT PRESENTS" shyte appears on my screen, I'm switching over. Supporting them because "they're a UK team" is dumbfounded, going by that logic, let's support Gibraltar also. As far as am concerned, the UK don't exist, England does nothing for us financially.
[Post edited 15 Nov 2014 13:50]
Blame En-gur-land!, Blame En-gur-land!!!
at 19:27 12 Oct 2014

They 're not even a real country anyway!!!
Luke Moore
at 23:36 17 May 2014

Scored for FC Toronto tonight in a 2-0 win vs Henry's NY Red Bulls, last kick of the game after a goalkeeper mess-up with his defence.

His winner vs Man Scummy, still lives long in the memory.
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