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In Jack Cork, Monk May Have a New Main Man
at 12:15:35

Agree with all of the article except the "...has found a way for his side to retain their attractive football ..." bit. This is the least attractive, but most effective, style of play we've had for a long time. Why do we have to have an either/or? It's not as if it can't be done - Barca, Bayern, or if you want to drop a level, us a couple of seasons ago, or Bournemouth now.
Remember When We Lost To Shrewsbury?
at 14:04:15

Yeah, but we had Wilf for the first one.
Ash - We've Been Challenged To Go Unbeaten
at 11:25:21

Not forgetting that every 1 position in the league is worth £800K to us.
There's Only One Thing We Can Do Now
at 15:33:08

"However, first things first it is a massive thanks to Michael Laudrup. He may have only been here for 18 months but when you looked back on his tenure not only did he deliver our first (and to date only) major trophy in the Capital One Cup he also led us to wins at Anfield, The Emirates, Stamford Bridge, Old Trafford and the Mestalla. Massive results for a club of our status and days that I will never forget no matter how long I will support this football team. He led us through a brilliant first season and there is no doubt in my mind that his time here was a success it is just a shame that it ended the way that it did rather than in another blaze of glory somewhere along the line. "

Absolutely spot on.
Whose money is it anyway?
at 12:04:31

Thanks for the comeback Ux. Sorry - now see that I went a bit off topic.
Excellent blog btw.
Whose money is it anyway?
at 11:26:47

OK. Firstly, we have to be extremely proud of our board for getting us from insolvency to where we are now. That doesn't mean everything is OK, though.
I have two "niggles" - actually a bit nore than niggles.

(1) Now that we can afford it, directors are being paid proper money. However there's defo a lack of transparency about how much money goes in board "salaries", who gets what and who decides what these salaries are to be. More scarily, why is there so little transparency?

(2) Can't criticise the on-field effort of the board at all, but there are serious concerns about some off-pitch issues. I don't know which director is in charge of ticketing and refreshments concerns, but both issues are a joke. The issues around getting served at half-time, the quality of the stuff on sale and the pricing of the food/drinks doesn't just reflect that all of this needs to be addressed. It's more than that. Someone, somewhere, at board level, thinks that it's OK for fans to be given a bad deal. I know the refreshments are supplied by a sub-contractor, but some director must be responsible for signing a contract for us being supplied with this poor-quality fare at rip-off prices. Then there's the issue of ticketing. We've have to put up with a small number of staff processing tickets when the queues were going around the block. We've been told to buy tickets online and been charged for the privelige my dad doesn't have a computer - what's he gonna do?). I don't know if this is all down to Stadco. Let's assume that it is. I don't blame Stadco - they're an independent concern, out to maximise profits. However, again somebody at the club, at director level, thinks that all this is OK.

The fact that the club wasn't paying interns any money until they were told that they had to speaks volumes about the attitude of the club these days.

When was the last time we saw the club reaching out to fans? Look at Stoke this season - free buses for fans to all away games throughout the season. Is the club so disconnected from the fans that it doesn't feel it can afford gestures like this?

I'd have a lot less problems with the attitude of the club if they just came out and said "Look, we're a commercial enterprise. We'll squeeze you for as much as we can. If you're prepared to pay stupid prices for food, drink,kit etc. then who's fault is that?". It's the countinual peddling od this "Aren't we great - we're such a small family club" that grates.

I've been a fan for many, many years. It gives me no pleasure to post this. In fact I do it more in sorrow than in anger.
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