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Try that again....
at 14:12 18 Oct 2019
at 20:05 17 Oct 2019

Having recently moved from Llansamlet to Skewen I have found that NPT are much better for recycling than Swansea. Black bags are still taken once a fortnight but most of the rest is taken every week and they take more of the things we'd black bag in Swansea.

So why can't all councils operate the same system? If NPT can recycle all the extra stuff (including batteries and milk/food cartons) why can't every council?

Shouldn't there be a national standard for recycling so the whole country can do more of it? The planet could do with the help!
Post Holiday Blues
at 12:12 7 Sep 2019

Does anybody suffer from them or are you all glad to be home? I haven't had them before but this year I just want to go back!
How is this justice?
at 09:56 13 Dec 2018

18 weeks in prison suspended for 2 years, banned from the waste disposal business for 5 years and a £5,000 fine. The elderly couple were left to pay for the clean up with the bill passing £131,000.
How in any way is that just or right? Shouldn't he be in prison for at least 5 years and made to pay for the clean up then banned for life from that business?
Yellow vest protests
at 17:54 8 Dec 2018

Now then,

and these protests have spread to Amsterdam and Brussels. People are unhappy about the high cost of living. Of course the politicians have very nice pay packets and expense accounts, the EU crowd have very generous terms that make Westminsters greedy so snd so's look poor.
Is this just a large bunch of far right nut jobs or will these protests grow and spread. Is this a national or supranational problem?
Trampie, Kilkenny et al
at 09:20 8 Dec 2018

Read this and rejoice.....

You'll be very happy if this comes to pass eh? All we need to do then is get the same result with Labour and start again, hopefully with new people and new ideas.

The great implant scandal
at 13:23 29 Nov 2018

Panorama - The great implant scandal.....American made medical devices are brought to Europe to be launched because EU rules are more lax than American rules and guess what, people are dying because they have faulty devices in them.
Professor Heneghan, and Professor Derek Alderson had some very harsh things to say.
To be fair, the UK government are hardly guolt free in this either, another example of how all politicians are schitt.

In what I consider to be damning and alarming information....well look up John Wilkinson and what he used to do because now he's head of the MHRA. Or just watch the program, it's shocking.
Not incompetence
at 15:46 26 Nov 2018

So say the official inquiry,

In which case it surely has to be corruption and the WG should be asking the police to investigate.
There's a quite obvious question, did the person incharge of NRW have any relationship with anybody at BSW and did they get any financial reward for awarding the contracts?
The police should be looking at bank accounts. There again, for 3 years the NRW accounts were wrong and the Welsh government did nothing, incompetence?
The Coca Cola truck...
at 13:48 21 Nov 2018

I've been told it's in Tesco Llansamlet from 2pm today so the area is probably best avoided, unless you want to see it. Personally I'll take the long way around it.
Filming the police
at 18:48 20 Nov 2018

It's a sad indictment of society that people use their mobile phones to film attacks and the aftermath of terrorism, not to be used as evidence but for fun, to take selfies or, as in the latest attack to post on facebook when two police officers were being beaten up.
Is it time for a new law, filming the police (or anyone) when they're being attacked and posting it online should be a crime. Any filming should be done only to provide evidence in the court cases.
The world is a crap place
at 15:50 20 Nov 2018

I heard on the radio today that the MacMillan cancer charity has had an increase in requests for help from cancer patients who are coming under pressure for taking time off work, seriously, wtf?

Then later I found out that my nieghbours son had lost his job after taking time off to go to hospital to see his mother. She was just about to have life saving heart surgery, she was in an induced coma for a week. He worked for an agency, it was only a temp job until Christmas anyway but still, where is the compassion?

What kind of heatless b'stards can treat people like this?
Leeds fans love Sky....
at 19:37 1 Nov 2018

...or not!

So Sky turn the Leeds fans down, censorship eh, who'd have thought it.
USA Midterms
at 08:53 1 Nov 2018

Watching breakfast news and they're highlighting where Trump has a lot of support, Evangelical Christians, that explains a lot.
Some of the people they interviewed seemed to be barking. The Priest said his strong faith in Jesus was reflected in his conservative views, do what now? Jesus was the biggest Liberal the planet has ever seen. If you accept he existed and was the son of God, not the biggest con artist in history. Jesus certainly wouldn't have accepted having that wall built, he'd be there knocking it down.
The USA is strongly religious still yet the religious views are warped from what I've understood them to be. Jesus never advocated the kind of behaviour Trump supporters indulge in, he wouldn't behave like the Trump haters either.

The USA is one crazy mixed up place. The good Samaritan uses bullets and bombs to help, they don't turn the other cheek, money lending is good and the 5000 (Latin American immigrants) will not cross the border, will go hungry and Trump will not turn the other cheek either.
Getting your just desserts
at 08:41 1 Nov 2018

Neil Lennon, last night he was goading Hearts fans after a goal was disallowed then he copped a coin square in the face.
He reckons it was just banter but is it ok for any manager to goad the oppo fans? It's frowned on when players do it these days so what example is a manager setting?

He probably got the poor innocent coin thrower into trouble!!
Scottish Wildcats
at 10:40 25 Oct 2018

I was watching countryfile this morning and the story about wildcats is truly shocking. They are felling thousands of acres of wildcat habitat to make way for wind farms. So to save our planet we are destroying the environment, it just doesn't make sense.

The wildcats are the MOST endangered cats in the world, 50 times rarer than tigers, rarer than Pandas, Polar bears are endangered and there's 20,000 of them but there are less than 300 wildcats left.
BBC Click
at 08:30 21 Oct 2018

With Spencer Kelly.

Watched this just now and the japanese are at it again, some great science and some weird science too..
Hyabusa 2 is a satellite that is exploring an asteroid looking for signs of life and evidence of where life began. Did it begin on Earth or elsewhere in the universe, that's a mighty big search!
Then there's more down to earth stuff, like dashcams that can share information so when you are overtaking, you can see through the car in fronts camera and be sure nothing is coming the other way. I'm not sure about that, there's enough distractions already without confusing our brains even more.
Then there's fake "real daylight" when an indoor window gives off artificial sunlight in a natural way and glasses with liquid LED crystals that, at the click of a small button, become magnified so you can read small print easily. Tap the button again to turn off.
Keyless entry
at 23:16 20 Oct 2018

It's a nightmare for new car owners, will your car be there when you come back? Will it be in one piece?
I have to ask though, is there a scandal brewing here. We've already seen the emissions scandal and now cars are so easy to steal or to rob from. Dealers are doing a lot more repairing and replacing and insurance claims are rising so people are paying excess fees and their premiums are rising.
Is the car industry profiting from this security flaw?
What makes a "good post"
at 11:23 18 Oct 2018

One for the pursists, or not.

More cuts?
at 21:23 17 Oct 2018

Can schools in Swansea stand any more cuts? My sons school has no new buildings, no extra rooms but the number of children has nearly f=doubled in 6 years. If there are cuts his education will definitely suffer, how can the WAG justify it?
110 Officers!!
at 08:08 13 Oct 2018

You can't get the police around if your house is broken into because they are too busy elsewhere, this is where....

110 officers to deal with one man, armed police because he threw some bricks, £18,000 on this.
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