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at 19:13 8 Apr 2020

Just had this from Greenpeace,


The UK government has handed out a publicly funded, £600 million loan to EasyJet. [1]

This comes just weeks after the founder of EasyJet received a £60 million pay-out from company profits - while the airline also asked its staff to take unpaid leave. [2]

We’d hope that any government loan would go to support their employees during this crisis. However, given EasyJet’s track record, it’s hard to be sure.

It’s also been revealed that across the world airline lobbyists are pushing governments to roll back environmental taxes that are there to try and protect our climate. [3] It’s outrageous.

That’s why we need to come together and call on the government to protect the vulnerable among us and protect employees. And before no-strings-attached bailouts are handed out to major polluting industries, our government must also make sure the money will drive positive change for both the climate and nature - no exceptions.

Can you call on the government to use public money to support both people and the environment?

There's a petiton running.
A Planetswans government
at 18:30 5 Apr 2020

Obviously based purely on posts, who would you nominate for each minsterial position?

You might even have some fun with this.
Oil prices
at 13:27 2 Apr 2020

What is going on with oil, is it only a Saudi v Russia trade war or is there something else going on? Shell are concerned, is it an attack on western economies,

The Saudis are set to ramp up oil production pushing prices even lower at a time of vastly reduced demand.
Keep fit with the Swans
at 10:13 31 Mar 2020

We've joined the keep fit club then,

The utter gits
at 12:08 26 Mar 2020

A neighbours son had applied for a new job, he got it. He was sent out a contract which he signed and returned, the same day he sent in his resignation notice to his current/old employer.
They only went and rescinded the offer and his old employer having accepted his resignation say sorry but hard luck.

Whether or not they can do this legally, morally it's shocking. It raises the question, having signed and returned his contract, where does he stand legally?
El Salvador
at 10:28 25 Mar 2020

They only have 5 cases so far and maybe that's because their government acted swiftly. They closed the international airport 2 weeks ago, told non essential businesses to close too apparently. Rhey went for lockdown quite quickly.
Their population is around 6.5 million. We'll have to wait and see but maybe (as several on here did say) taking stronger action earlier on would have proved effective. Not that I want to start throwing blame around because now isn't the time, we can start the bonfires after we get through this.
Rising damp
at 11:37 7 Mar 2020

No, not the Leonard Rossitter classic comedy, it's our house. We have rising damp along the front wall.
Does anybody know a decent, trustworthy builder who can quote us for a new damp course please? An architect friend has said he's very sure it will cure the problem but he doesn't know a builder any more.
The DWP again
at 13:30 27 Feb 2020

Shocking that people get bonuses for cutting other peoples money. It encourages bad decisions.

Just as shocking is that so many people have committed suicide on the backs of some of these bad decisions and the DWP has been destroying the investigation reports claiming it's because of data protection.

Is it a cover up?
Vegan's again
at 22:13 21 Feb 2020

So is it right for any company to discriminate against meat eaters? Should anyone affected take it to court like the vegan did? Would anyone here work for such a company?

Imagine trying to tell a vegan they could only claim expenses if they ate meat, imagine the outcry.
Big brother is watching
at 21:51 19 Feb 2020

Just not the government, as it turns out the in house surveillance is done by...Amazon.

I watched a program on BBC iplayer where former Amazon senior management wondered why people who would vote against letting the government have stronger surveiilance powers would buy Alexa, and often have 3/4 in a house, when Amazon can listen in to every word. They also talked about the video doorbells which Amazon can also access. 3 UK police forces have been giving them out free calling them a massive tool in th fight against crime but it's basically a camera they can access directly without a warrant, which you agree to when you accept it apparently.
The program didn't reflect well on Amazon.

Democratic backsliding
at 18:19 14 Feb 2020


Surely this isn't just the EU, wherever you look the law is being abused and misused. Or am I overly cynical.
Luanda leaks
at 12:23 25 Jan 2020

The modern way isn't imperialism, there still some colonialism but the modern way to gain wealth is simple, corruption. Step forward Isabel dos Santos,

When the banks won't deal with you it's simple, just buy a bank! Though that's not always necessary,

The road to hell...
at 10:09 8 Jan 2020 paved with good intentions

Age Apartheid
at 11:34 7 Jan 2020

Is this the next big thing?

There is very little cross generational socialising any more. We have elderly people suffering isolarion and lonliness and young people needing empathy lessons.

There are places, though they are fast dying out, where a diverse range of people of a wide age range used to gather and socilaise happily for hours....local pubs.
You don't get many 60 plus people down Wind Street of a weekend.

Churches, that's another place though to be honest you'll not find me in a Church, I won't even go to a Church funeral anymore.

What is the answer? If we are to unite the country this is yet another issue to be solved.
Generation Z
at 10:27 30 Dec 2019

Surely they already know this?

The enlightened world is still a long way off, certainly further away than 2030.
Unpopular news
at 13:55 24 Dec 2019

Apparently Spain is lurching towards leaving the EU after an unpopular ECJ ruling on a Catalan politician.

There was a story about it here,

but it has been taken down.
Spurs v Chelsea
at 22:47 22 Dec 2019

How could Taylor not point straight to the spot when Gazzaniga so obviously took out the Chelsea player and should it have been red?

Should Spurs have to play behind closed doors for the racist chanting and abuse as well as the missiles being thrown?
The dirty war on the NHS
at 11:40 22 Dec 2019

A film by John Pilger. It's shocking, even when you already knew much of it was happening. It also provides more reasons for getting Tony Blair into a court to face questions. He, along with Alan Milburn lied to the British people. He went about increasing privatisation in the NHS by stealth, he was Thatchers love child in that respect.
The PFI scandal, the NHS borrowed roughly 11 billion but will end up paying back around 80 billion over 30-40 years. That is where much of the money goes.

Watch it and be angry at all of our politicians (including Corbyn for making Labour unelectable)
Gary Sweet, Luton chairman
at 10:11 19 Dec 2019

He agrees with what several on here have been saying then.
Abolish the Lords!
at 14:44 16 Dec 2019

As if we needed any more reasons to get rid of the unelected political placing shenanigans that is the House of Lords, news today that Ed Davey has noinated Jo Swinson for a peerage and he wants her back in Parliament as soon as possible.

So this utter failure who got a good kicking at the ballot box, who stood on a 'b0ll0cks to brexit' manifesto could get a peerage.

What has she done to deserve this elevation? Davey went on to say the Libdems will still fight brexit at every opportunity.
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