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The road to hell...
at 10:09 8 Jan 2020 paved with good intentions

Age Apartheid
at 11:34 7 Jan 2020

Is this the next big thing?

There is very little cross generational socialising any more. We have elderly people suffering isolarion and lonliness and young people needing empathy lessons.

There are places, though they are fast dying out, where a diverse range of people of a wide age range used to gather and socilaise happily for hours....local pubs.
You don't get many 60 plus people down Wind Street of a weekend.

Churches, that's another place though to be honest you'll not find me in a Church, I won't even go to a Church funeral anymore.

What is the answer? If we are to unite the country this is yet another issue to be solved.
Generation Z
at 10:27 30 Dec 2019

Surely they already know this?

The enlightened world is still a long way off, certainly further away than 2030.
Unpopular news
at 13:55 24 Dec 2019

Apparently Spain is lurching towards leaving the EU after an unpopular ECJ ruling on a Catalan politician.

There was a story about it here,

but it has been taken down.
Spurs v Chelsea
at 22:47 22 Dec 2019

How could Taylor not point straight to the spot when Gazzaniga so obviously took out the Chelsea player and should it have been red?

Should Spurs have to play behind closed doors for the racist chanting and abuse as well as the missiles being thrown?
The dirty war on the NHS
at 11:40 22 Dec 2019

A film by John Pilger. It's shocking, even when you already knew much of it was happening. It also provides more reasons for getting Tony Blair into a court to face questions. He, along with Alan Milburn lied to the British people. He went about increasing privatisation in the NHS by stealth, he was Thatchers love child in that respect.
The PFI scandal, the NHS borrowed roughly 11 billion but will end up paying back around 80 billion over 30-40 years. That is where much of the money goes.

Watch it and be angry at all of our politicians (including Corbyn for making Labour unelectable)
Gary Sweet, Luton chairman
at 10:11 19 Dec 2019

He agrees with what several on here have been saying then.
Abolish the Lords!
at 14:44 16 Dec 2019

As if we needed any more reasons to get rid of the unelected political placing shenanigans that is the House of Lords, news today that Ed Davey has noinated Jo Swinson for a peerage and he wants her back in Parliament as soon as possible.

So this utter failure who got a good kicking at the ballot box, who stood on a 'b0ll0cks to brexit' manifesto could get a peerage.

What has she done to deserve this elevation? Davey went on to say the Libdems will still fight brexit at every opportunity.
Quantitative Easing
at 21:10 13 Dec 2019

I read today that the new ECB boss LaGarde is planning fresh economic stimulus on top of the measures Draghi took. She's planning on pumping 20 billion a month into the economy.The I saw this link underneath,

It says that the ECB has put 2.6 TRILLION in QE into the EU economy. Now that's a massive, massive amount and they plan on putting even more in so where has the money gone? It comes to around 5000 euros for every man, woman and child in Europe.

It also said the plan was to try and stimulate inflation to keep it as close to 2% as they could.

If they want to spread some money around I'll have a couple of trillion!!
at 13:04 9 Dec 2019

Does anyone use it? Any good?
EU tax avoidance directive
at 20:26 29 Nov 2019

Now this would be good but apparently it's been voted down. 12 member states have voted against it. Amongst them Ireland where apparently 10 corporations pay such a large amount of tax that if the avoidance were exposed and stopped the Irish tax and spending watchdog fear it could collapse the economy.

I've seen the rumours that the tories want to turn us into a low tax regime and how bad people that would be yet in other EU states they think it's great.
The Electric car scandal
at 10:50 26 Nov 2019

First we had the diesel scandal and now, according to Hans Werner-Sinn the push to electric cars is possibly a scandal too...
Try that again....
at 14:12 18 Oct 2019
at 20:05 17 Oct 2019

Having recently moved from Llansamlet to Skewen I have found that NPT are much better for recycling than Swansea. Black bags are still taken once a fortnight but most of the rest is taken every week and they take more of the things we'd black bag in Swansea.

So why can't all councils operate the same system? If NPT can recycle all the extra stuff (including batteries and milk/food cartons) why can't every council?

Shouldn't there be a national standard for recycling so the whole country can do more of it? The planet could do with the help!
Post Holiday Blues
at 12:12 7 Sep 2019

Does anybody suffer from them or are you all glad to be home? I haven't had them before but this year I just want to go back!
How is this justice?
at 09:56 13 Dec 2018

18 weeks in prison suspended for 2 years, banned from the waste disposal business for 5 years and a £5,000 fine. The elderly couple were left to pay for the clean up with the bill passing £131,000.
How in any way is that just or right? Shouldn't he be in prison for at least 5 years and made to pay for the clean up then banned for life from that business?
Yellow vest protests
at 17:54 8 Dec 2018

Now then,

and these protests have spread to Amsterdam and Brussels. People are unhappy about the high cost of living. Of course the politicians have very nice pay packets and expense accounts, the EU crowd have very generous terms that make Westminsters greedy so snd so's look poor.
Is this just a large bunch of far right nut jobs or will these protests grow and spread. Is this a national or supranational problem?
Trampie, Kilkenny et al
at 09:20 8 Dec 2018

Read this and rejoice.....

You'll be very happy if this comes to pass eh? All we need to do then is get the same result with Labour and start again, hopefully with new people and new ideas.

The great implant scandal
at 13:23 29 Nov 2018

Panorama - The great implant scandal.....American made medical devices are brought to Europe to be launched because EU rules are more lax than American rules and guess what, people are dying because they have faulty devices in them.
Professor Heneghan, and Professor Derek Alderson had some very harsh things to say.
To be fair, the UK government are hardly guolt free in this either, another example of how all politicians are schitt.

In what I consider to be damning and alarming information....well look up John Wilkinson and what he used to do because now he's head of the MHRA. Or just watch the program, it's shocking.
Not incompetence
at 15:46 26 Nov 2018

So say the official inquiry,

In which case it surely has to be corruption and the WG should be asking the police to investigate.
There's a quite obvious question, did the person incharge of NRW have any relationship with anybody at BSW and did they get any financial reward for awarding the contracts?
The police should be looking at bank accounts. There again, for 3 years the NRW accounts were wrong and the Welsh government did nothing, incompetence?
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