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Farage on the NHS.
at 20:12 3 Jun 2019

As Rob Delaney states....what a caant.

Veet for Men product Amazon review...
at 17:03 2 Jun 2019

My cousin today showed me a very funny Amazon review of this product aimed at men. It made me laugh out loud...a lot!

It is the topmost review by "Amazon customer" beginning "After having been told my danglies....."
Cwmcerrig Farm Shop, Cross Hands..
at 00:14 29 May 2019

...anyone been there, especially for Sunday Carvery...? I was thinking of nipping up there to pick up some venison.

I have never, ever seen such disastrous Trip Advisor reviews. Nearly every one is 1 star out of 5. They make for really entertaining reading. Apparently run like a Fawlty Towers/ 70's school canteen, with many, many,many people really upset by the attitude of the owner, Roland Watkins.

How they stay in business is anyone's guess.
Mindless tourists....
at 09:58 24 May 2019

I really, really, really, really despise some people for being complete diks....

Don't blame the farmer one bit.
Wanted... Underground Monorail Engineers Required..
at 22:46 22 May 2019

I have recently come into my inheritance and have acquired a mid Atlantic volcanic island. Am in need of engineers to build a subterranean monorail that will transport astronauts from one location to another. Anyone know anyone that can help?

I am also in need of gormless, feckless fellows happy to wear a jumpsuit uniform and carry around AKs and look menacing.

Also looking for guys who can get me some sharks and piranhas.

Many Thanks.
Jeremy Kyle show to be axed...? What could replace it..?
at 18:52 14 May 2019

I think I've seen about 15 minutes of one episode years ago and very quickly established that it is programme watched by one million a-holes, featuring a-holes as 'guests', being questioned by an attention seeking, megalomaniacal a-hole and being produced by a TV crew that may be the most unethical in all of tellyland. Pure evil.

May it be punted into the broadcasting ether forthwith, though it will, knowing ITV, be replaced by some series where some massive bailifs threaten to take some oik to the cleaners unless he finds the 5 grand he owes NPower.
New Royal Baby Name predictions..?
at 15:55 6 May 2019

I'm going for Neville.
Next time John Virgo says...
at 18:30 27 Apr 2019

"...right in the heart of the pocket!" during the snooker coverage, could some kindly BBC employee please poke him with an electric cattle prod. The old tool needs to be punted into touch for being so very annoying.
What makes the perfect pub...?
at 18:38 26 Apr 2019

Just wondering what you all think contributes towards the best elements of the ideal boozer...?

Interesting, funny and diverse people.
Great beer.
Good food.
Established pool and darts leagues.
Good beer garden.
Sports coverage.

..and if all the above are covered what is the best pub in South West Wales?
Scottish Football....
at 23:42 20 Apr 2019

...anyone follow it...? Apparently it's brilliant!
Women's football....
at 22:03 20 Apr 2019

...anyone follow it...?

Apparently it's brillliant!
Anthony Joshua v Deontay Wilder... the fight the whole planet wants to see...
at 23:25 19 Apr 2019

is being held up by what exactly...?...


..regulatory differences in underpant gusset strength between the UK and the US?

..disagreements over the flying weights of African and European swallows?

..bad juju and ley line fluctuations giving a bad vibe?

..stringing out the boxing loving punters of the world to make loads of cash?
Londonderry or Derry?
at 22:24 15 Apr 2019

Article on BBC News just now about the killing of a teenager in Londonderry by a British soldier in 1972 referred to Londonderry as Derry three times without mentioning Londonderry at all. What is the official BBC strategy on this rather touchy topic?

Kilkenny will know I am sure.
Both Tigers winning betting odds were...
at 18:52 14 Apr 2019


i.e. Tiger Roll to win the National and Tiger Woods to win the Masters. Wish I'd put a tenner on it now. Though the golf is not over yet!
If Debenhams closes in the Quadrant...
at 17:51 9 Apr 2019 would be massive for Swansea City Centre.

I really hope it will not happen but the company has said it needs to close 50 out of 166 stores after they lost nearly 500 million quid last year.
George Clooney Dorchester Ban...
at 00:20 6 Apr 2019

Dunno about you but I will definitely NOT be staying at the Dorchester again when I am up in the Smoke next! That Sultan of Brunei eh?...what a caaant.

The Savoy, and the American Bar here we come...Yee Haa..
at 18:37 1 Apr 2019

For lovers of this pearl of a beach it is apparently being shown tonight at 7:30 on BBC4 in "National Treasures of Wales". So many happy memories there as a kid, and later in life to take my own girls there to see the dolphins off the headland.

Absolutely magic place. No wonder Rhod Morgan had the Welsh "Chequers" in the Caravan Park.
Racist chants at Football matches...
at 23:12 25 Mar 2019

..happened tonight in Montenegro...

What is it with these Balkan, and Easter Europeans that they think it is OK to do this? Hope UEFA slap them with some sort of decent penalty like a points deduction, or home crowd ban for their next game minimum.

Cojones the size of watermelons...
at 18:10 22 Mar 2019

on old warriors like this...

Very few of these gents left now. There were 2 I used to talk to in Mam's care home, both long gone. Amazing tales to tell.


Real Madrid fans should be kissing Bale's feet?
at 22:30 4 Mar 2019

We all know Bale is a tidy footballer, playing for a club with a very demanding fan-base expecting him to replace the goal supplying genius that is Ronaldo, but should they really be expected to kiss his feet..? ...I don't think so.
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