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Best Mullets of all Time..?
at 00:50 19 Oct 2019

I know this is a really divisive subject and Brexit is a mere trifle in comparison, but the holder of the best mullet of all time, in my opinion has to be...

If you know of a better, please let it be known.
James or Jane Bond?
at 19:01 1 Oct 2019

What with Ben Wishaw joining Daniel Craig and James Brosnan to state the next Bond should be a woman I was wondering what PS thought about it.

Personally, I think the idea is ludicrous.

Next thing we'll have Ironwoman, Mr Marple and Sam Smith can play They-Man, heralding a whole panoply of non-gender specific characters.
Car Insurance Rip Off..
at 12:46 11 Sep 2019

My old Dad (85) had his car insurance renewal documents through from RIAS, (also known as Aegeas) a few days back informing him the policy was increasing from £744.28 to £1002.43 a year. He only uses his car once or twice a week to go to Tesco or to see his sister in the Hendy. He has 9+ years no claims bonus. They want him to pay £83 a month.

Wish I'd known last year they were ripping him off.

Just had him switched to Direct Line with the same policy and excess for £275.52.

It is absolutely bonkers how insurance companies get away with ripping off their loyal, mostly elderly, customers who are less likely to shop around.
Northern Irish News for Wales tonight..
at 18:32 16 Aug 2019

Currently watching Northern Irish BBC1 local news instead of ours from Cardiff. Bit of a cock up on the broadcasting front.

Probably be better and less Cardiff centric.
BBC1 Hold the Sunset...
at 21:27 9 Aug 2019 absolutely shite... and I cannot believe the BBC has recommissioned this dearth of mirth.
Rooney back at the Liberty..
at 17:27 6 Aug 2019

..Sat the 8th of February 2020.

Surprised he didn't come back to play for us seeing as we've been paying his wages for the last 18 months at DC United.
Formula 1 Plastic Tifosi
at 19:57 27 Jul 2019

We know all about the plastic football 'fans' that support the big 6 teams purely because they win things and grew up or live nowhere near them. i.e. glory hunting onanists.

The same applies to the dreadful Ferrari loving fans that plague Formula 1.

Every Grand Prix, anywhere in the world, has stands absolutely full of people wearing red Ferrari gear. Unless they are Italian, employed or linked to Ferrari, own a Ferrari, or support a driver because of their nationality then, they too, are vvankers.

Aside from that, well done to Lewis for getting pole today at Hockenheim. What a great racing circuit it is.
Salt and Vinegar crisps....
at 01:16 26 Jul 2019 not taste as good as when I was a kid 40 years ago. Only Walkers seem to have anything like the old style S'n'V taste. There seems to be a new, cheap, insidiously evil Salt and Vinegar seasoning that is just really unsatisfying on all brands. It just tastes naff. Governmental nanny state at work?
Jonathan Pie HS2 madness
at 00:52 24 Jul 2019

HS2 is the biggest bell-end of a project this country will ever waste it's diminishing resources on, especially post Brexit (if that ever happens). 100 billion quid ffs for a 20 minute quicker journey between London and Birmingham and then on to the North.

Click on this link, watch the video and send the e-mail to your MP. It takes seconds.
The Official PS Trump 2020 Thread....
at 23:49 14 Jul 2019

....I really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, think Trump and Pence are dreadful people and shouldn't be allowed to exist, but unfortunately as there are so many dickheads and knob-jockies in the States it looks like it is a shoe-in for these priks to be re-elected.

Is there any way ( aside from funding Russian hackers ) to prevent this global disaster?
Sazerac cocktail at the Savoy...
at 20:43 5 Jul 2019 5 grand a pop in the American Bar, often voted best bar in the world.

Been passed it many times, but never been in so...

Lisa..what's it like? Do they do a snakebite and black?
So depressing...Rainforest dying.
at 09:42 2 Jul 2019

Jair Bolsonaro, Brazil's mini Trump is encouraging the destruction of the precious Amazon rain-forest. I despair. The world is going mad, spurred on by corrupt populists like Trump, Bolsonaro, and Farage.
Man U Dan James v Aaron Wan-Bissaka deals..
at 21:10 26 Jun 2019

DJ deal worth 15 Mill.

A W-B deal worth 50 Mill!

They are the same age.

Yes, Aaron going from Crystal Palace, who are a Premier League team ( for how long?), but is this another example of us selling too cheap or Man Utd being ripped off for a player i've never heard of. Guess MU are desperate for replacements in the RB role now as Young is so old.

Can he really be worth more than 3 Dan James?
New Daft Penalty Goalkeeping Rule...?
at 23:42 20 Jun 2019

This new rule where goalies must have a foot on or above the goal line when a penalty ball is kicked has already effected 3 games at the Women's World Cup, obviously with major ramifications for the Scottish girls.

Not sure how the Premiership can decide to not enforce the new rule if it is from the IFAB? Surely the laws of the game must be consistent internationally? How will this effect Champions League games for instance if English teams are used to no enforcement, but Spanish teams are?

Makes things so much harder for the keepers.Bit bonkers in my book. Thoughts?
Farage on the NHS.
at 20:12 3 Jun 2019

As Rob Delaney states....what a caant.

Veet for Men product Amazon review...
at 17:03 2 Jun 2019

My cousin today showed me a very funny Amazon review of this product aimed at men. It made me laugh out loud...a lot!

It is the topmost review by "Amazon customer" beginning "After having been told my danglies....."
Cwmcerrig Farm Shop, Cross Hands..
at 00:14 29 May 2019

...anyone been there, especially for Sunday Carvery...? I was thinking of nipping up there to pick up some venison.

I have never, ever seen such disastrous Trip Advisor reviews. Nearly every one is 1 star out of 5. They make for really entertaining reading. Apparently run like a Fawlty Towers/ 70's school canteen, with many, many,many people really upset by the attitude of the owner, Roland Watkins.

How they stay in business is anyone's guess.
Mindless tourists....
at 09:58 24 May 2019

I really, really, really, really despise some people for being complete diks....

Don't blame the farmer one bit.
Wanted... Underground Monorail Engineers Required..
at 22:46 22 May 2019

I have recently come into my inheritance and have acquired a mid Atlantic volcanic island. Am in need of engineers to build a subterranean monorail that will transport astronauts from one location to another. Anyone know anyone that can help?

I am also in need of gormless, feckless fellows happy to wear a jumpsuit uniform and carry around AKs and look menacing.

Also looking for guys who can get me some sharks and piranhas.

Many Thanks.
Jeremy Kyle show to be axed...? What could replace it..?
at 18:52 14 May 2019

I think I've seen about 15 minutes of one episode years ago and very quickly established that it is programme watched by one million a-holes, featuring a-holes as 'guests', being questioned by an attention seeking, megalomaniacal a-hole and being produced by a TV crew that may be the most unethical in all of tellyland. Pure evil.

May it be punted into the broadcasting ether forthwith, though it will, knowing ITV, be replaced by some series where some massive bailifs threaten to take some oik to the cleaners unless he finds the 5 grand he owes NPower.
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