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Amazon prime coverage this week.
by NotLoyal at 14:26 5 Dec 2019

From a total football point of view they have absolutely nailed it.

The only negative is the usual tools they have as experts.
The Scharnhorst has been discovered after 105 years in the deep.
by Lohengrin at 13:42 5 Dec 2019

I absolutely love all this.
What's happening in France?
by dickythorpe at 13:31 5 Dec 2019

At a standstill I've heard
Corbyn supporters in a bit of a kerfuffle
by Darran at 12:57 5 Dec 2019

AJ V Ruiz 2
by shandyjack at 10:14 5 Dec 2019

Who you got?
Will AJ's weight loss help or further hindeer him.
I'm thinking Ruiz in 6
I remember Val fckin’ Caldwell
by Lohengrin at 00:50 5 Dec 2019

Anybody politically active in south Wales during the early/mid 80s will remember this disgusting creature.
Best Swansea City Moments of the Decade
by SA4 at 00:16 5 Dec 2019

I’ll start
November 2010 - Marvin Emnes with that goal at Legoland.
FAO ECB and Dazzler - Hair Metal Stadium Tour.
by ItchySphincter at 22:03 4 Dec 2019

Would you go to this?
How long
by Dippy at 21:44 4 Dec 2019

Have you been posting on here.. 2009 I have, 10 years, Jesus.
by Highjack at 21:28 4 Dec 2019

Silva has him playing really deep and he’s not taking any free kicks. Honestly the guy deserves to be sacked.
Tonight's Premier League games
by Dippy at 20:21 4 Dec 2019

Watched the first half of Man Utd Vs Spurs.. now watching the Scouse derby.

It was a cracking goal from Diver Ali an all
Justin Trudeau
by PentyrchJack at 19:33 4 Dec 2019

Is he two faced or just too good to be true?
PM owned by a burger
by WxmJax at 17:40 4 Dec 2019

Harry Maguire i
by Darran at 17:09 4 Dec 2019

What the fuçk?

Bob Willis
by Muteswan at 15:58 4 Dec 2019

Sky reporting Bob Willis has passed away. Aged 70. RIP.
Brentford Travelodge Fire
by stevethejack at 10:31 4 Dec 2019

If anyone has a booking for the game on Boxing Day, make enquiries with Travelodge.
Clever B*stard.
by Kerouac at 00:03 4 Dec 2019

Mr Men at centre of sexism row as feminist accuses Mr Clever of 'mansplaining'...

It was meant as an innocuous joke to amuse young children.
But on Monday Mr Men found itself at the centre of a sexism storm when a feminist academic condemned a gag as an example of "mansplaining".
The claims centre on a conversation between Mr Clever and Little Miss Curious, and a pun about the Forth Bridge in Scotland.
An exasperated Mr Clever explains the Unesco site is so-called because of the Forth River, after Little Miss Curious asks “what happened to the First, the Second and the Third Bridges”
It resulted in a backlash from PhD student Shelby Judge. She accused Roger Hargreaves’ long-running series of perpetuating “antiquated gender roles” and branded its illustrated characters part of a “sexist iconography”.
The 24-year-old academic said Mr Clever’s clarifying comment in the book, Mr Men in Scotland, is an example “mansplaining”, and said the book was telling girls they “need to be stupid”.
The publishers dismissed her concern, saying the pun by the sightseeing fictional creations was nothing more than the characters getting up to their “usual antics”.
"They're using Mr Men to enforce these ridiculous antiquated gender roles,” English literature student Ms Judge said.
"It's meant to be a funny joke, but then it's always at the expense of women. It’s punching down. You don't have to joke at the expense of anyone, there's just no need.
“It's an example of these tiny things that build up to create a whole patchwork quilt of sexist iconography that every child of any gender is going to internalise."

Ms Judge, studying at the University of Glasgow, claimed that jokes never need to be at anyone’s expense. She would however welcome a satirical “Mr Mansplain” character in Misterland, who could be mocked for his attitudes.
The PhD student uncovered the allegedly misogynist Mr Men material during a visit to Stirling Castle where the book, with a reading age of three and up, was being sold in the gift shop.
In the offending passage, Little Miss Curious naively asks what happened to bridges preceding the Forth Bridge, before Mr Clever explains the name comes from the River Forth. The blonde character then questions what happened to the “The River First, the River Second and the River Third”, before the bespectacled Mr Clever sighs: “It was going to be a long day”.
Ms Judge said of the gift shop volume’s message: "They don't need to rely on such tired gender stereotypes for a children's story about Scotland.”
"Why is that what you want to give as part of your souvenirs? It's the very definition of a micro aggression.”
The publisher of Mr Men, now penned by the late Mr Hargreaves’ son Adam, has denied there is anything sinister in the special regional Mr Men adventure, which sees the nominatively determined characters acting out their various compulsions. Mr Strong tosses a caber, Mr Tickle pesters the Loch Ness Monster, and Mr Noisy plays the bagpipes.
"In Mr Men Scotland, the many Mr Men and Little Miss characters in the book get up to their usual antics,” a spokesperson for publishers Egmont UK said.
“The book is a celebration of Scotland and its unique heritage sites."
Mr Men has previously been criticised for alleged sexism, over the marital title given to female characters, and the negative traits given to the Little Misses, including “Bossy”.

Diane Abbott
by Darran at 21:53 3 Dec 2019

She has no shame.
Any Tories subscribe to this that can copy and paste the full article?
Thanks in advance Bluey.
Live football on amazon prime
by JimmyGilligan at 19:41 3 Dec 2019


Palace v Bournemouth
Burnley v Man City
What is poverty?
by Darran at 18:52 3 Dec 2019

So,I’m parked outside the food bank in Neath and a couple pull up in a car,they get out and as they get out and walk towards the premises I notice they’ve both got bits of paper in their hands with I assume are vouchers for the food bank.
They go in and I can see them handing the vouchers to someone and they turn around and walk straight out and sit on the wall outside,I now assume that they’ve handed their vouchers in and are waiting for the food bank staff to get their food ready.
They then both take a packet of 20 cigarettes out of their pockets and light one then they both take an iPhone out of their pockets and start looking things up.

They seem to be able to afford cigarettes and iPhones but they can’t afford food.
Is that living in poverty or am I missing something? 🤷🏻‍♂️
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