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The Old Double Decker 14:17 - Jul 14 with 960 viewsThrasher6

A grand old structure

With The Vale Of Neath Ales
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The Old Double Decker on 14:21 - Jul 14 with 928 viewsbuilthjack

I loved that Stand . My first times watching the Swans were spent in there, stamping my feet on the wooden floor with the rest of the crowd.

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The Old Double Decker on 14:31 - Jul 14 with 881 viewsmarchamjack

One of us would pay 50p to go upstairs, then drop the ticket through the wooden floorboards to the rest of us who’d paid 25p to go on the home half terrace below and then one by one we’d all end up on the upper deck on the one ticket dropped back through 😀

Remember that failed once when the wind blew the dropped ticket onto the those of us who’d made it up just waved and took the pss out of those still below 😀

Another favourite...when the away fans had all the terrace below...drop coke down on them through the boards or gob on them through the boards too 😙

Happy days 😂

Oh,..Dave, what's occuring?


The Old Double Decker on 14:34 - Jul 14 with 874 viewssherpajacob

Happy memories, saw my first Swans win, sat on the very back row.

Friday night game, always loved them, Late Jeremy Charles header to beat Grimsby 1-0 in our top flight promotion season.

Banged our feet and did the dying fly when we scored.

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The Old Double Decker on 14:34 - Jul 14 with 874 viewsGowerjack

Steep and rickety.

Plastic since 1974
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The Old Double Decker on 14:47 - Jul 14 with 842 viewsPegojack

My first match seen from the top deck, early 1965.

The Old Double Decker on 15:36 - Jul 14 with 746 viewsswan65split

only ventured for Combination games, saw some greats in those games , Charlie cooke, Houseman and giant Droy spring to mind.

The Old Double Decker on 15:43 - Jul 14 with 722 viewscontroversial_jack

Went with my father, and Grandfather to see a night match in the 60s. Once I saw the pitch all lit up with the floodlights, that was it; hooked!

The Old Double Decker on 17:15 - Jul 14 with 555 viewskarnataka

First game I saw there was late 1959 and I saw many matches until our family upped sticks 3 years later and moved to N Wales because of my dad's job.

In the bottom right hand corner as you see it in those pictures, is a concrete wall above the tunnel. We used to stand there and my dad used to take a small wooden stool so I could see over the wall and get an unrestricted view. Wonderful! Just realised that will be 60 years ago later this year.
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The Old Double Decker on 17:26 - Jul 14 with 533 viewsairedale

My four abiding memories from that stand:

A bloke taking his glasses off and offering them to the referee. I’d never seen that before and thought it extremely funny.

Leighton James fiddling with his contact lenses in touch during the game. (Could have been a Wales international match.)

The toilets. Had to have a couple of pints before the game though.

About 200 Cardiff supporters causing trouble in the North Bank.
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