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Coco Gauff 22:16 - Jul 5 with 531 viewsdickythorpe

Is this 15yr old going to be the next star?
60k earnings so far but will pocket 176k whatever happens in her next game.

I'm not a tennis fan, but I admire sportsmen/women who go out there and achieve, especially those that cause upsets.

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Coco Gauff on 22:45 - Jul 5 with 487 viewsbuilthjack

The kid has a huge future

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Coco Gauff on 11:10 - Jul 6 with 370 viewscontroversial_jack

It's a racket

Coco Gauff on 15:13 - Jul 6 with 291 viewsNotLoyal

Let ...
Her be.

No I didn't invent the tit wÁnk you stupid fcking twát Oh ... Shhhhh, yes it's me, I think I really p1ssed that bloke from Aberdare off. Don't tell him.
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