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What would you do with the players out of contract next year? 11:01 - Jul 2 with 490 viewsjackrmee

Difficult decisions to be made.
12 players who are now into their final year.
Some are on high wages and need to be flogged ASAP. Some have under-performed so may not get a new contract offer. Some may need to be signed up to keep their value. Some need to be signed up ASAP.

Here's what I think...

Jordan Ayew and Borja need no discussion. Flog the barstewards immediately please.

GKs Mulder and Nordfeldt:
Not easy to decide here. They have both under-performed, but both have potential to become good keepers with our new coaching setup.
I think maybe the best bet here is to see how they go this season and sign up the one who makes the biggest improvement (if that is significant) and release the other, or possibly both.
This tactic is obviously steeped in danger, as if the player with 12 months left has heck of a season, they would be liable to leaving on a free instead of us being able to cash in on them. Can't really see that happening with these two fukers though.

OK, so many fans have issues with KN. I think he's decent at this level. Reasonably versatile and seems willing to help out where needed.
I'd give him a 1 year extension, depending on how much he's earning. I guess he will have to take a bit of a pay cut, which he may not be chuffed about and may alert other clubs.
1 year extension from me, but he'll probably leave on a free.

Long term servant to the club. Good for the young players. Can still do a job, especially in this division. Again, would probably need to take a pay cut to sign new contract, but I think he's more likely to do so than others.
1 year extension with possibility of a coaching role at the end of it.

Clearly wants to stay and helped the club. Trev has said theres a possibility of him having a coaching role in future, so I'm sure he will stay, be it in a player role or not, if he struggles this season. I can see him doing well again and we'll need him to continue playing as long as possible. Probably not one to worry about in terms of having to get the offer done and dusted sooner rather than later, so not an issue.
Depending on how he does this season, I would offer him another 1 year extension.

We need to sign this guy up ASAP. Another good season and there will definitely be more clubs looking at him in January. Whether it be to maximise what we can recoup for him if we sell, or just make sure he doesn't leave on a free, this is essential.
I'm not sure what he's earning in wages, but I seem to remember it being pretty low.
If we can get him to sign in line with our wage structure (probably make him among our top earners) I'd give him a longer contract to show how much we want him here.
3 year contract ASAP!

Injury prone. Plenty of promise, but not much end product. Probably higher wages than most of the rest, so for these reasons I would not offer him a new contract. There is a risk he will have a good season and will then leave for free, but with all the inconsistencies, I think that's worth the risk and if he does have a good season it will benefit us this year and give him and us the chance of a new start next year. Good luck for this season Tom, but no contract from me. Cheers.

Young players:
Dhanda should get an extension purely due to their promise I think. Obviously Cooper is an expert on the youngsters, so I'll trust his judgement, but I think he will get another chance to impress.
2 year extension on low wage.
CBR has struggled to make an impact and I don't see as much promise here. Again, Cooper is the man who can see this better, but personally I wouldn't offer him a new contract and would release him when it ends, unless there is some significant progress this season.

Poll: Who are you voting for this year? I'm sure Grimes will be popular. I've gone Oli


What would you do with the players out of contract next year? on 13:26 - Jul 2 with 385 viewsLuther27

Can't argue with your synopsis. However, most professional players don't like entering the last year of a contract. So....Routledge and the youngsters excluded...I'm assuming they are all busy looking for another club.
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