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Jeremy Vine 19:57 - Dec 29 with 625 viewsunion_jack

What the hell, I'll post it. Make a change from Brexit and give Trampie and Killy something to moan aboutšŸ¤£

Are Sperm Whales the reason the sea is so salty?
Poll: Bony - Would You Want Him Back?


Jeremy Vine on 21:33 - Dec 29 with 532 viewsdickythorpe

Ah the old "suddenly change to Welsh from English" myth.

Jeremy Vine on 21:40 - Dec 29 with 521 views1983


As a welsh person living in Ingelrand I have heard that "when I walked into a pub they were talking in English... builshit 100's of times

If they were Welsh speakers in Wales why would they be talking English in the first place??
[Post edited 30 Dec 2018 17:35]

Machynlleth the true capital of Wales


Jeremy Vine on 21:55 - Dec 29 with 489 viewsHumpty

And how the f*ck do they know what language is being spoken in a pub before they've even entered it?

Jeremy Vine on 23:29 - Dec 29 with 436 viewsBrynmill_Jack

I do enjoy Vine's Cameo appearances on the Steve Wright show though.

Each time I go to Bedd - au........................

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