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Martinez 21:36 - Nov 18 with 1244 viewscmajack

Couldn't organise a defence to save his life . How he gets touted for the very top jobs baffles me. 2-0 up tonight and ended up losing 5-2. Got some of the best players in the world and can't do much with them.

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Martinez on 21:53 - Nov 18 with 1203 viewsPrivate_Partz

Amazing isn't it?
I think this is one failure too many now. I suspect his next club will be in the Spanish second tier.
Not that he will be worried. He has made zillions and will be very well off for the rest of his life.

You have mission in life to hold out your hand, To help the other guy out, Help your fellow man. Stan Ridgway


Martinez on 09:11 - Nov 19 with 977 viewsCatullus

If only all managers were like him, football would be so much more fun!!

Just my opinion, but WTF do I know anyway?
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Martinez on 09:30 - Nov 19 with 943 viewsmajorraglan

I can’t understand why he hasn’t adddressed this during his time as a manager and brought in a defensive coach to tighten things up at the back. You can still play good football with a solid defence.

Martinez on 10:46 - Nov 19 with 870 viewsicecoldjack

He should hire Sousa as his defensive assistant coach, they'd be untouchable .

Martinez on 11:10 - Nov 19 with 850 viewsCooperman

Martinez talks a very, very good story. If you listen to what he actually says it is very little, simply a few facts or statements wrapped up in a ramble of verbal diarrhoea. He puts on a lovely friendly show for anyone who will listen and leaves them feeling all warm and fluffy. The higher up the ladder you go increases the likelihood of getting found out.

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