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Tick tock..tick tock 11:32 - Jan 22 with 1433 viewsCroftyjack

About 8 hrs to kick off and we were meant to have new signing for it.
9 days to go and the 3 or4 signings that are a must to have the slightest chance of survival ain't materialising.
Offers and trying wont save..there's no point trying to appease the fans because that won't wash if we're relegated.
Getting relegated unluckily is one thing but the owners have almost been wishing this as I think they find it all too stressful playing with the big boys.
See if that's the case they should have tried to find someone with the passion and funds to compete.


Tick tock..tick tock on 11:36 - Jan 22 with 1407 viewsoh_tommy_tommy

It’s ok our new manager now says we don’t need anyone

6 points adrift and we don’t need anyone

Just f@ck off

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Tick tock..tick tock on 11:41 - Jan 22 with 1377 viewsmonmouth

Let me help.

The alarm has long since gone off, But Junko slept soundly through it, dreaming only of counting sheep, rolling in cash.

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Tick tock..tick tock on 11:42 - Jan 22 with 1374 viewsAustinIsOurHero

found it incredible that he even said that (if they were his words, not big nose's).

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Tick tock..tick tock on 12:46 - Jan 22 with 1225 viewsOldjack

Huw's notes will be ......... We've tried loads of targets but they don't want to come here ,i can't think why ,some said, they think i'm a right kant and tell lies, now that hurts me deeply

Prosser the Tosser dwells on Phil's bum hole like a rusty old hemorrhoid ,fact You Greedy Bastards Get Out Of OUR Club!


Tick tock..tick tock on 12:49 - Jan 22 with 1188 viewsJoshTheJack

I'd like to see how HJ is going to blame us for this shambolic window.

Tick tock..tick tock on 13:01 - Jan 22 with 1089 viewsSwanjaxs

It is what it is, look, if and it's a big if anyone comes in it will be a cheap option and no better than we already have, it's plain as day that there is no resolve from the Americans/ hedge funders to keep us in the Premier League. Basically Jenkins and Co sold them a busted flush on the back of the JTAK promotional video, and they took the bait hook line and sinker! It's a cut and run operation now for the Americans unfortunately.....

You might think I've forgotten, but one day, when you least expect it, my time will come.
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