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Hmmmm 09:01 - May 10 with 1850 viewswaynekerr55

How many of you know what DP stands for?
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Hmmmm on 09:10 - May 10 with 1792 viewsjasper_T

One of the first things Ranieri did at Leicester was reduce the number of training sessions they were doing. Their natural training intensity was so high that recovery was suffering.

Hmmmm on 09:28 - May 10 with 1709 viewsswansea101

They're professional footballers, how dare you suggest they get tired or should have breaks, after all they paid all this money.....🙄

Hmmmm on 09:43 - May 10 with 1642 viewsItchySphincter

It's obvious that training gets lighter as the season progresses.

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Hmmmm on 09:44 - May 10 with 1638 viewsmonmouth

Of course, that was the only variable..

#jumping to preferred conclusions

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Hmmmm on 12:31 - May 10 with 1377 viewsClinton

Europa league commitments can't have done Spirs league prospects any good over the season as a whole.
( Except that being really highly paid they must be exempt from fatigue and cumulative niggle injuries. )

If you can fill the unforgiving minute. With sixty seconds' worth of distance run, Yours is the Earth and everything that's in it, And - which is more - you'll be a Man, my son!


Hmmmm on 15:20 - May 10 with 1031 viewssP7qupUf

Bit different to old Garry's approach eh?
Hmmmm on 15:26 - May 10 with 1007 viewsjasper_T

Hmmmm on 15:20 - May 10 by sP7qupUf

Bit different to old Garry's approach eh?

Oddly enough our injury record has been spectacular. Probably because our players can barely run on match days.
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